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1. When it comes to people, those who tend to be more creative seems to also be

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1. When it comes to people, those who tend to be more creative seems to also be more innovative. Innovation usually comes from “outside of the box” thinking, and this is often an innate trait in people. It is assumed, however, that under the correct circumstances, people can learn to become innovative. Innovation is nothing more than problem-solving in a development form. With the opportunity to place people into problem-solving situations, people can then begin to develop the baseline skills that can stem into innovation. In the same sense, If organizations have innovative people on staff, and disallow for them to have a creative outlet, they can have a problem with retention. Those who are most innovative are often never complacent. With that being said, if they are not to have chances to continue to innovate, it would make the most sense to find other outlets to innovate.
2. Now when I think about innovative people, I can not forget to mention the controversial Kanye West. What Kanye has done, and continues to do for the music industry makes him one of the more innovative people of our generation. Kanye, before he was one of the most popular artists in recent memory, was a producer of music and did so for the likes of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. With his background in music production, he had a unique niche in which he could make his own beats for his songs that he wrote. This allowed him to have full control of the sound he wanted to have and the songs he wanted to make. With other artists like Drake and Travis Scott just being hip hop artists, they are given beats and then make a song based on those beats. This disallows for the ability to have full creative control over the music that they put out. Kanye, since his entry into the music business, has always had a unique sound. His ability to be unapologetically himself has allowed for success to the tune of 46,414,545 monthly listeners on Spotify at the time of this post. If one wanted to look to hip hop music in the eyes of innovation, Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) is one of the most remarkable projects, in my opinion, in hip hop and was much ahead of its time with the style of the production and the range of the music that is on that track list.
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