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6 pages double spaced not including references (6) and cover page ENV 110 201POS

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6 pages double spaced not including references (6) and cover page
ENV 110 201POSITION PAPER INSTRUCTIONSA position paper “includes your opinions, viewpoints, feelings and the evidence that supports them” (Woods, 2014). The main reason for this activity is to help you learn how to think critically about an issue and use information obtained by your research to articulate your opinion on the issue (Woods, 2014). I have chosen a “natural hazards” issue for you to investigate. I want to know your opinion (supported by your original research) regarding humans voluntarily living with a natural hazard. You will be researching all sides of this issue thoroughly. I am looking for YOUR views, which are developed during YOUR original research. This is not a cut-n-paste research paper.INSTRUCTIONS:Choose a natural hazard that interests you. Ask yourself this question: should humans voluntarily live in an area that is subject to this natural hazard? Examples may include building homes in the wild land-urban interface (wildfire hazard), on the coastline (tsunamis or hurricanes), or on a floodplain (flood hazard). Research the different sides of the issue and think about your position on the issue.Write a position paper based on the guidelines outlined on page 3. There is a 6-page minimum for the paper. Your cover page and reference page are in addition to the6-page minimum. Pictures may be included in an appendix only and do not count toward the 6-page minimum. Papers under six pages will lose 10 points per page under the minimum specified.Proper referencing and citation guidelines must be followed. I require APA style for yourcitations. Check out the ACC Library Citations Guide, this is a great site for how to use APA style. You may also visit the writing center for additional help with writing your position paper. Please let them know you must follow this technical writing format*and not the typical APA paper style**.Think of the following guideline as a template/outline. You will be filling in your information under each heading and using the numbering scheme specified on page 3. *Format:(including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and proper APA style for citations; be sure to use the specified headings for each section). **Penalty for not using proper format and the required template (-25 points). Penalty for missing quotation marks on direct quotes or improper citations (-5 points) each offense. Please double-space your paper. A score of 0 for the paper will harshly penalize plagiarism. This includes self-plagiarism. Writing this paper using your own original ideas and interpretation will demonstrate your comprehension of the subject to me. Take a position and defend it!ENV 110 – Natural Disasters1
Example of proper APA style for citations:1.In the body of your paper: see my example in the first paragraph (above). A direct quote uses quotation marks followed by (Author, date, page number or paragraph). Paraphrased wording does not use direct quotes, but will include the (Author, date) after the paraphrased material. 2.For the references: see the ACC Library Citations Guide on how to properly cite books, journals and web resources (internet sites). APA style uses: Author, Date.Title. Source. HELPFUL HINTS:1.0Submit to the assignment box before the deadline1.1.The position paper must be submitted electronically though the D2L assignment box. I will be using “Turnitin” which is plagiarism detection software to check all papers. A score of 0 for the paper will harshly penalize plagiarism. Late papers will not be accepted. 2.0Avoiding plagiarism (including self-plagiarism)2.1I have enabled Turnitin to show you the results of your submittal. I will allow two submissions for the paper (first submittal to check yourself using the software, second submittal is final and will be graded). I believe in utilizing this software to help you to avoid plagiarism, including self-plagiarism. Pleasedo NOT turn your paper into any other plagiarism detection service or class. This will cause your report to be “flagged” as plagiarized and my policy for plagiarized material is to fail the assignment (your score is 0). 2.2View your Turnitin similarity score in your assignment or submission folder.3.0Writing the paper3.1 As you read the chapters, find one or two, which cover a topic that interests you, and start writing the paper that day/week. Waiting until the final due date usually results in extra stress and mistakes. When you write your DBs, look for ideas in the references you are using that week. There are plenty of ideas waiting for you; the hard part is narrowing it down to one topic, figuring out what you want to research and then sitting down to write the paper. I am available to help you with ideas, please email or call me if you would like guidance or advice. I am happy to help you be successful in this course. However, I do not look at “drafts”. Please utilize the Writing Center on campus. Be sure to tell them you are following my format and using APA style for references and citations. Bring the template with you so they can help you. Avoid a disaster and start your paper early, I recommend starting it over break. Happy writing!3.2USE THE TEMPLATE at the very end of this document!!! I EXPECT TO SEE THE NUMBERED HEADINGS AND SUB-HEADINGS. LOOK AT THE “ANNOUNCEMENT” FOR AN EXAMPLE AND EMAIL OR CALL ME WITH QUESTIONS! DO NOT LOSE 25 POINTS
POSITION PAPER TEMPLATE, GUIDELINESAND REQUIREMENTSYou Must Use This Format/Template As Specified BelowPosition Paper RequirementsPageLengthPoints1.0 Introduction: 1.1Statement of the issue to be discussed, i.e.; what natural hazard are you investigating and describe the hazard1 page10 Points2.0Description: 2.1Pros, advantages, or positives of living with the hazard2.2Cons, disadvantages, or negatives of livingwith the hazard2 pages40 Points3.0 My Position: 3.1 Clear concise statement of your position on the issue. What “side” are you taking? 1/2 page10 Points4.0 Discussion: 4.1 Discuss/support your position supported by relevant and multiple sources of information.1 page20 Points5.0 Questions: 5.1 Tell me about any questions that have arisen as you researched the issue or if more information is needed to understand the issuebetter.1/2 page5 Points6.0 Summary: 6.1 Concise summary statement restating the issue, your position, and the essential evidence that supports your position. Summarize the entire paper here.1 page10 Points7.0 References:7.1 Note bene: Use at least 6 sources. Pleaseuse APA style. Be sure to use appropriate scientific references such as journals, papers,articles, and internet sources.Wikipediais nota reliable source.5 Points(Failure toincludereferences -10 Point



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