A touchpoint is where a brand delivers its consistent message to the target cust

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Marketing


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A touchpoint is where a brand delivers its consistent message to the target customer. These touchpoints deliver by communicating the brand message and help to direct the customer from the start to the finish of the buying process. Different brand touchpoints serve different purposes within this process. Looking at their various brand touch points in relation to the consumer buying process provides a good example of how they manage their brand.
The first phase of the consumer buying process is need recognition. This can be initiated by an external stimulus where the brand communicates to the customer that there is a problem that needs to be solved – and they are the ones to solve it. Or, this can initiated by an internal stimulus that tells you that you are “out of sync” and need to fix that problem. The “problem” that started the need recognition phase is another dog at the park “stole” my dog’s ball and I needed to replace it.

When I returned home, I noticed Chewy’s television advertising and the variety of dog toys that they sell. Chewy’s brand touchpoint of television advertising may have been around for a while, but now it suddenly contained a message that was relevant to my need recognition phase. The buying process has now started!

The second phase of the consumer buying process is the information search. Now that I know a new ball must be purchased, I will look at various web sites, including Chewy, to see what type of balls are recommended for a four-year-old terrier.

The third phase of the consumer buying process is the evaluation of alternatives. Thinking through this part of the process, does the dog really need another ball? Do I need the dog to have another ball? If the dog does need another ball, what type should I buy? How big should the ball be so the dog does not swallow it? Does it need to squeak? To help me prioritize and narrow down my choices, I visited a dog-oriented Facebook group and saw a discussion from Chewy that helped me decide on the exact ball. This was a perfectly placed brand touchpoint from Chewy.

The fourth phase of the buying process is the actual purchase. On my morning dog walk I saw a Chewy box on a neighbor’s front porch. The packaging clearly identified the brand of Chewy and it reminded me of how convenient it would be to purchase the toy from Chewy. The website was clearly displayed on the box – yet another excellent brand touchpoint.

The fifth, and final, phase of the consumer buying process is the post purchase phase. This is where the marketer, Chewy in this case, does not want to take the chance that I may return my purchase. The sent me a direct mail card that thanked me for my purchase and offered me a coupon on any upcoming pharmacy purchase. I am happy and will not return the ball.
How can you map the brand touchpoints for your favorite brand in relation to the consumer buying process?
Think about a recent purchase that you have made. Or, think about a purchase that you plan to make.
Starting with the problem/need recognition phase of the buying process, tell us why you made or are planning to make this purchase.
Now describe five brand touchpoints using one touchpoint for each phase of the consumer buying process. Explain why each touchpoint is important to each specific phase of the buying process. There should be one touchpoint for each of the five phases of the buying process.



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