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As you may remember from EDD8030, part of identifying a local problem of practic

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As you may remember from EDD8030, part of identifying a local problem of practice (as opposed to a global one) involves having an organization or site where you can develop your AIP. This week’s activities are all about that: identifying a site and obtaining informal permission from the site’s leadership so that you can begin the process of identifying potential gaps that might exist in your organization. Remember, you do not want you to begin working on your actual AIP. Instead, with permission from your site’s leaders, you will continue the process of identifying and describing potential problems of practice by analyzing gaps in outcomes or performance associated with the problem.
Use your Creswell and Creswell text to read the following chapter on research approaches:
Chapter 1, “The Selection of a Research Approach,” pages 3–21.
Use the Capella University Library to read the following resources on research preparation:
Pyrczak, F., & Oh, D. M. (2018). Making sense of statistics: A conceptual overview (7th ed.):
Chapter 1, “The Empirical Approach to Knowledge,” pages 7–11.
Chapter 2, “Types of Empirical Research,” pages 12–15.
Byrne, D. (2017). Project planner: Philosophy of research. Sage.
Browse the project planner now and continue to explore it throughout the course. Although intended for people who are planning research, it is a good source of information for learning about research. You must determine what is relevant to your understanding of research and research design, the development of your action research or evaluation study, or your product development at the applied improvement project stage of your program.
Typically, the first step in developing an applied improvement project (AIP) is to seek informal support from the site’s leadership to support your potential project and confirm that the site could be used for your AIP. In this discussion post, respond to the following:
Describe how you sought informal support from the site leadership.
Describe the site leadership’s reaction to your informal request for permission to use the site as your AIP site.
Have you or your leadership identified any challenges that could be barriers to conducting an applied improvement project at your site?
What are factors that you anticipate will serve to help or support an applied improvement project at your site?



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