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Assessment Instruction: Record a slide presentation, for one of the stakeholder

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Assessment Instruction:
Record a slide presentation, for one of the stakeholder groups you identified in your Assessment 2 Policy Proposal. Inform the group of current performance shortfalls, introduce the proposed policy, explain why the policy is needed, and present policy-driven practice guidelines to resolve the performance issue. You must also obtain buy-in from the group by explaining the positive effects of the policy and practice guidelines on their work.
The presentation requirements outlined below correspond to the scoring guide criteria, so be sure to address each main point. In addition, be sure to note the requirements for presentation format and length and for supporting evidence.
Summarize your proposed organizational policy and practice guidelines.
Identify applicable local, state, or federal health care policy or law that prescribes relevant performance benchmarks that your policy proposal addresses.
Keep your audience in mind when creating this summary.
Interpret, for stakeholders, the relevant benchmark metrics that illustrate the need for the proposed policy and practice guidelines.
Make sure this is a brief review of the evaluation you completed in your Assessment 1 Dashboard Metrics Evaluation.
Make sure you are interpreting the dashboard metrics in a way that is understandable and meaningful to the stakeholders to whom you are presenting.
Explain how your proposed policy and practice guidelines will affect how the stakeholder group does its work.
How might your proposal alter certain tasks or how the stakeholder group performs them?
How might your proposal affect the stakeholder group’s workload?
How might your proposal alter the responsibilities of the stakeholder group?
How might your proposal improve working conditions for the stakeholder group?
Explain how your proposed policy and practice guidelines will improve quality and outcomes for the stakeholder group.
How are your proposed changes going to improve the quality of the stakeholder group’s work?
How will these improvements enable the stakeholder group to be more successful?
What evidence supports your conclusions or presents alternative perspectives?
Present strategies for collaborating with the stakeholder group to implement your proposed policy and practice guidelines.
What role will the stakeholder group play in implementing your proposal?
Why is the stakeholder group and their collaboration important for successful implementation?
Deliver a persuasive, coherent, and effective audiovisual presentation.
Address the anticipated needs and concerns of your audience.
Stay focused on key policy provisions and the impact of practice guidelines on the group.
Adhere to presentation best practices.
Proofread your presentation slides to minimize errors that could distract the audience and make it more difficult for them to focus on the substance of your proposed policy and practice guidelines. Be sure that your slide deck includes the following slides:
Title slide.
Presentation title.
Your name.
Course number and title.
References (at the end of your presentation). Apply current APA formatting to all citations and references. NOTE: PLEASE in place of the audio, provide a complete script of what you intended to say in the notes section of each slide.



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