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Assignment 1- Due November 11 Assignment 1 Please read carefully. There are four

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Assignment 1- Due November 11
Assignment 1
Please read carefully. There are four parts to this assignment: Part A,B,C & D. Each requires a response. Assignments are accepted for correction up until two weeks after due date.
(5 points)-
Criteria: as per Ministry Guidelines 5- most or all 4- many good responses- 2-3 some good responses- 1-developing
Je m’appelle : La date :
A. Keyboard. This assignment is in written form, so let us start out with the correct keyboard. The Canada Multilingual Standard has a built in spell check. It will point out typographical errors, but not grammatical ones. Accents are essential, not an option.
If you have not had the opportunity before, you can select now. The instructions are in Orientation week 1.
Please type the following sentences, accenting carefully. Remember that most of what you need for accents are to the right of the keyboard, beside p, l, m:
À la saison estivale, l’on se dépêche à cueillir les pêches là où les vergers abondent. Les Français aiment-ils aussi le maïs?
B. Dictionary. A dictionary can be your best friend, somebody you should really get to know! It will tell you the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, preposition, etc). If it is a noun, it will give the gender and form given in the plural. If it is an adjective, you will find out how it is written when it modifies a noun because potentially it has four spellings. Please bookmark the one of your choice and place the link below.
This one is good for specific terminologies.
Here is one for your I pad or I phone:
Here is an app for Apple or Android devices:
C. Conjugation Verbs are conjugated in a fairly complicated fashion, so relying on one of these websites in the early stages will give you a real boost. At this level, we stick to the present indicative. For the next part of this exercise, please select a website of your choice.
Find the verb être in the present indicative on the website. If you can, take a screen shot of the verb être with the present indicative circled. You can even copy and paste into the file. Alternately, just type out that verb and tense below:
D-Les contraires – The Opposites Complete following the example. You may use the dictionary as required.
Les qualités et les défauts de personnalité – Personality Traits
Tu es stupide?
Non, je ne suis pas stupide.
Je suis intelligente!
1. Tu es pessimiste?
Non, _____________________.
Je suis ___________________.
2. Tu es riche?
Non, _____________________.
Je suis ____________________.
3. Tu es calme? (male)
Non, _____________________.
Je suis ____________________.
4. Tu es petit? (female)
Non, _____________________.
Je suis ___________________.
5. Tu es laide?
Non, _____________________.
Je suis ___________________.



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