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Assignment Overview: In this assignment, you will create an evidence table to d

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Assignment Overview: In this assignment, you will create an evidence table to document your findings from your literature search for peer-reviewed articles that support the nursing problem and Capstone Project Strategy you identified in the Unit 2 Capstone Essential Elements Assignment.
Assignment Directions: 1. Use your Galen Library to search for five (5) peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last five (5) years. 1. A minimum of two (2) research studies are required. 2. Up to three (3) can be other types of peer-reviewed articles. 3. Be sure you have access to and can download the article’s PDF when conducting your literature search. 4. You are required to upload the full PDF of each article with your submission of your completed assignment to the dropbox. 2. Use the Evidence Table Template to document the information from your literature search and complete all areas of table for the following. 1. Row 1-Nursing Problem with Capstone Project Strategy in 1-2 sentences: i. State your identified nursing problem and the strategy you are implementing as your Capstone Project at your practicum site. ii. Include any faculty feedback received from your Unit 2 Capstone Project Foundational Elements Assignment. 2. Column 1- Peer-reviewed journal article references according to APA 7th Edition. 3. Column 2 Type of Article with Summary i. In rows 1 and 2, identify the type of research study as qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. 1. Include the study’s aim or purpose (1-2 sentences). 2. Describe the study’s findings and conclusions (2-4 sentences). ii. In rows 3, 4, and 5, identify the type of article. 1. Include a summary of the article (2-4 sentences). 2. Include the article’s recommendations for practice (1-2 sentences). 4. Column 3- Article’s Application to Capstone Project Discuss how the article provides supportive evidence for your identified nursing problem and Capstone Project (3-5 sentences). 5. Summary of Evidence: 3. Upload Failure i. In two paragraphs, summarize evidence from all five articles you collected to validate: 1. The problem as an issue in nursing practice. 2. Your selected strategy as a clinical decision to address your identified nursing problem at the practicum site. your completed Evidence Table along with all five PDFs to the dropbox for grading. to upload your article PDFs could earn you a zero for the assignment.



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