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Open your textbook on page PPT 1-1 and follow the step-by steps( red balls) from page PPT1-1 to PPT 1-68. After you completed all steps, your document should look exactly like this above.. Submit your work. Note: ( i send pictures)

The company should be a small-to-medium size company – about 200 employees – that is responsible for some sensitive data (employee information, customer information, etc.), with a need to be able to operate throughout a security incident or disaster, and an additional need to be fully operational as soon as possible following an incident (think retail outlets, software development companies, colleges, school districts, etc.)

Please refer to the Course Project Overview, located in the “Introduction and Resources” module of our course. For this project, you can either use an organization with which you are familiar, or a fictitious company that is need of an IRP, a DRP, and a BCP. The...