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Course Paper Guidelines – Film Analysis The ten-page course paper must be no le

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Course Paper Guidelines – Film Analysis
The ten-page course paper must be no less than ten double spaced type pages in times roman or courier 12 pt. font. The paper must include a correctly formatted MLA works cited page and adequate and correctly formatted in-text citation. Papers should be numbered at the top left-hand corner beginning on page 2. The paper must include correct parenthetical in-text citations according to the MLA documentation system. A complete first draft is due on the specified date and participation in the peer review session(s) is required and will be graded. The paper must offer an analysis of a selected film through a logical theoretical framework [theories of focus and relevant theorists’ work from class] to develop the critical point about the film. A thesis statement must be an effective guiding map for the essay. The paper should be structured as follows:
The introductory paragraph (s) should be 1 or no more than two paragraphs. The thesis statement must be introduced within the introductory paragraph. The introduction should introduce the film, primary theoretical approach through which you are framing your film analysis, and the primary representative theorist of that approach and relevancy. The thesis should present an actual point, which ties the film (point of focus) and theory together. A thesis statement should be one sentence, two only if necessary to articulate the point thoroughly and clearly. It is also fine to include a brief synopsis of the film in the introductory part or it can be included later at the beginning of the actual treatment of the film.
The body of the paper should discuss the theoretical framework first (brief history, key principles), the theorist, specifically, his/her contribution to the field, especially the key concepts/premises of the theory relevant to your film analysis (approximately two to three and half pages). The body should then transition into a specific address of the theory and theorist in relation to the point of your focus for the film. If you did not do so in the introductory part, offer a brief synopsis of the film (no more than several sentences to a paragraph). Paragraphs should have effective topic sentences, and clear transitions throughout that develop the thesis logically and clearly.
Incorporate relevant film terminology that you’ve been introduced to in your film courses thus far into your analysis. Stay on point. Make sure you show your close reading of the film through appropriate specific references to scenes, lines, characters, and action as you illustrate your thesis and do not fail to incorporate documentation correctly for all sources used. You should primarily use scholarly sources and databases and some sources by professional film writers.



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