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Essay 3 Length: 4-6 pages Format: Thesis Driven Due: November 29th In this assi

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Essay 3
Length: 4-6 pages
Format: Thesis Driven
Due: November 29th
In this assignment you will develop a researched persuasive argumentative response from the topics below. An effective argumentative essay uses evidentiary support to strengthen your thesis. Remember that your primary objective in this assignment is to persuade. Imagine yourself as a lawyer, arguing your case. What evidence would be most convincing? Much of how well an argument is developed is heavily based on how well one organizes and poses information.
You want to make sure you stay on issue and that your essay maintains a structured organization. In any effective argumentative essay one must acknowledge the counterargument.
Steer clear from giving a one sided argument or relying on generalizations as strong support for your paper. For example, “Everyone knows that television contains a lot of sexual images” is not persuasive. A more effective sentence would be, “Over the past few decades the sexual content on television has increased significantly.” Frame your argument well and convincingly.
Essay Question: As Soodalter and Bales explain in their essay “Slavery in the Land”, modern day slavery is as common as homicide in the U.S but one wouldn’t know it from the lack of media coverage. In a structured essay address the following concerns: develop an argument explaining why the authorities and the media don’t treat it as an urgent civil right or public safety issue. Examine why authorities who are aware of the issue choose to purposefully cover it up. Do you think the race of those enslaved affects America’s interest in alerting the American public to the problem of freeing the slaves? To what extent do you agree with the writers’ position that migrant and foreign laborers are “taking Americans’ jobs” is a myth?
I would like you to use the text as your primary source but this question might lead you to research who are the new masters and slaves, what is being done to address the problem of American and global slavery, job descriiptions of migrant workers, wage descriiptions and comparisons of migrant workers and other slaves and the working conditions of human traffickers.
It is important you read the instructions for this essay carefully in order to avoid needless errors. This essay gives you a lot more independence than the others, and this is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean there are no boundaries or rules; read the assignment sheet carefully so you do not find yourself having to rewrite entire portions of your essay or losing points of easily avoidable reasons. Also, this essay is unlikely to be the one you revise for a higher grade at the end of the semester due to lack of time (unless you don’t hand it in on time for the first submission), so it is in your best interest to get this one done as well as possible the first time around.



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