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Ethics in Law Enforcement Part II From Your Instructor Welcome to Lesson 5. Ther

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Ethics in Law Enforcement Part II
From Your Instructor
Welcome to Lesson 5. There are several different concepts you will explore in this lesson. Understanding each of these concepts and how they can have an effect on your decisions and judgments is the key to this lesson.
Feminist Ethics, ethics of care is primarily concerned with caring for others. This has evolved from the need to care for those who cannot care for themselves, such as infants.
Egoism is a descriptive principle that does not tell you necessarily how you ought to behave, but rather why you behave the way you do. It infers that the person who acts in an egotistical manner does so because it is natural to act in this way, and therefore, it is a moral action unto itself.
Divine Command Theory is widely used throughout the world, the theory is applied differently: The theory’s application may differ from religion to religion, and it may differ within each religion.
Natural Law asserts that what is good is natural, and what is natural is good. Unlike Thomas Hobbes’ cynical view in the social contract theory (see next section), Aquinas viewed humans as being naturally inclined to do good rather than evil.
Social Contract Theory describes society and the relationship between rules and laws, including why society needs them.
Rawls’ Theory is oriented toward liberalism and forms the basis for what law enforcement and the criminal justice system should strive for in a pluralistic and liberal society.
Moral Relativism refers to the differences in morality from culture to culture.
Noble Cause is a “moral commitment to make the world a safer place”. This commitment is why most people join law enforcement agencies.
This Lesson represents the mid-way point of the semester. As you prepare your essays you should now be focusing not only on the content and substance of your responses, but on your writing skills as well. In the announcements section, I provided you with numerous resources to help you to properly format your essays, and to cite your sources in accordance with APA standards. Please continue to proof read your work carefully before posting, make sure to cite the required number of sources dictated by each assignment, and that your essay complies with the minimum word count requirements. Assignments
Essay Assignment
Research and write an essay answering the question below. Your essay should be 500-700 words, 2 to 3 pages (not including cover page and reference page), double-spaced, with a font size of 10 to 12 pt. Use at least 3 references from the lesson reading material, Rio Library, or other credible media source. Refer to the Grading Rubric
for essay grading standards. Submit your essay to your instructor.
How ethics can influence police behavior can be examined in numerous ways, including how the police interact with a community, and how that community interacts with police. When the community perceives the police to be operating ethically, the community is more likely to be open and ethical when dealing with law enforcement. This includes working together on crime prevention. However, in an effort to reduce crime, some officers may feel that certain policies and laws hinder their ability to produce results. Describe noble cause corruption and the ethical dilemmas that officers and leadership face when the end doesn’t justify the means.



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