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Final Research Prompt Option 1 Final Research Essay: Argument/Persuasive Essay

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Final Research Prompt
Option 1 Final Research Essay: Argument/Persuasive Essay on Reparations
7-10 pgs MLA Format
Please take a clear position on whether or not African- Americans are owed reparations by the U.S. Government. Your goal is to clearly oppose or defend the argument that African- Americans are owed reparations. Please use the readings and sources I have provided for you alongside your own sources.
This essay like the summary response essay requires in-text citations and should also include a works cited page. For this essay, you are being asked to provide evidence to help support your own position. Each body paragraph should contain 1-2 citations. Please click visit: OWL @ Purdue’s webpage (Links to an external site.) to review MLA in-text citation rules.
In persuasive writing, the author constructs a strong argument utilizing logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another idea. It attempts to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action. The argument must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence by stating facts, giving logical reasons, using examples, and quoting experts.
Persuasive writing also uses ethos, pathos logos, and kairos which are rhetorical strategies intentionally used by writers to make their arguments more convincing and persuasive.
When a writer uses ethos in their writing, the writer is establishing themselves as credible, fair and worth listening to by being as objective as possible when presenting their arguments and evidence.
When a writer uses pathos in their writing, the writer humanizes the issue by using examples that engage the readers’ feelings and emotions.
Logos is used by presenting arguments and examples that are supported with hard data like statistics and facts.
Kairos has to do with the timing of a particular argument; the most persuasive writing always emphasizes the urgency of the argument being discussed and encourages a call to action. The best arguments “seize the moment.”
Also, while composing your persuasive essay, do not forget to plant a “naysayer” in your discussion. How would someone argue against reparations? You must consider the opposing side in your essay, and how others may argue against what you are arguing for. Please give consideration of the opposing perspectives!
Option 2- Final Research Essay: Problem/Solution Reparations Essay
7-10 pgs MLA Format
Your final research project will be an expository-style essay on one of the below subtopics of AB3121 Reparations Task Force Legislation.
This portion of the Bill discusses the causes & effects of historical and current injustices faced by African-Americans. Some of the injustices mentioned within this section are:
The trans-Atlantic slave trade
American Chattel Slavery (de facto in California)
Sharecropping (de facto in California)
Convict Leasing
Jim Crow (de facto in California)
Police Brutality Against African Americans
Mass Incarceration
African American Income & Education Gap
For this essay, you will be asked to further break down the causes & effects of your subtopic by discussing it in a problem/solution format.
The problem, in this case, will be your subtopic, your solution strategy may or may not include reparations, or may include reparations along with other suggestions.
Perhaps, reparations alone will not fix deeper institutional problems. Or perhaps reparations will only deepen racial divisions.
A Word About Sources
Please use at least 6 outside sources for this essay. Each paragraph should have 1-3 in-text citations embedded within it in MLA format. All sources must be scholarly and credible. Consider using multiple types of sources like:
case studies



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