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For Short Paper #2, you will write 2-3 page essay in which you perform a context

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For Short Paper #2, you will write 2-3 page essay in which you perform a contextual analysis of one work of art included on the website for Google Arts and Culture Choose a work of art that represents an artistic style covered in your textbook in Chapters 14 through 21, though avoid particular examples that are included in your textbook. Please identify the work of art by artist, title, and museum in your introductory paragraph.
Your assignment is to analyze the artwork you choose, through developing a clear thesis statement about its relationship with its artistic style—how it reflects the visual features and ideas of the style it represents. For examples of how to interpret works of art in terms of context, see the notes on writing about art in Unit Two. Creating an argument about how the work of art relates to its artistic style will require knowledge about the culture and arts of that time, so start by reading the relevant section in your textbook.
In addition to establishing your argument about the artistic style of the work of art, your thesis statement should contain an organizational plan for body paragraph topics. List the types of evidence you’ll use to support your argument, so that you have a framework for paragraph topics as you write the body of the essay.
Once you have developed your thesis, create body paragraphs with topics that correspond to the organizational plan in your thesis statement. Each body paragraph should contain a clear topic sentence, several specific visual examples from the work of art you are analyzing, and an explanation of how these examples support your argument about the relationship between the work of art and its artistic style. Your goal in each body paragraph is to illustrate how particular visual details function—breaking down the work of art to show how it supports the argument you’ve identified in your thesis statement. Be sure to include details that you have collected through close observation of the work of art using the zoom feature in Google Arts and Culture.
To demonstrate the key features of the artistic style you’re discussing in your essay, you must include references to the following required sources, including them on your works cited page, as well:
• your textbook. The section in the textbook on your artistic style is required. and/or
One (or both) of these sources is required. (Smarthistory is the art history section of Khan Academy.)
The final paragraph in your essay should be a conclusion in which you restate your thesis and discuss its potential significance. Consider the larger implications of your argument about the work of art. How are the artistic style and ideas you’ve discussed important for providing insight into the historical circumstances of the period?
Credit your sources appropriately optional sources you choose to use — — words taken from another author in quotation marks, and foll the required sources listed above as well as any using proper MLA reference style. Enclose any ow quotations with a parenthetical reference at the end of the sentence. If you use a specific idea from another author, put a reference at the end of that sentence. List all sources that you cite in your essay on the works cited page. including:
• a sample contextual See the analysis Resources section for writing support materials formatted according to MLA guidelines.
• a link to the MLA website.
a link to the MLA guide at the OWL at Purdue website.
a summary guide to writing essays in the humanit , ies.
An A (excellent) paper must contain a minimum of the following:
1. a clearly stated thesis in a fully developed introductory paragraph
2. a thesis that both presents an argument about how the work of art reflects its artistic style and indicates how the paper will be organized
3. multiple visual examples from the work of art in each body paragraph, including fine details observed through Google Arts and Culture
4. a well-defined topic for each body paragraph that relates to the organizational plan in the thesis statement
5. an explicitly stated relationship between each body paragraph and the argument presented in the thesis statement regarding the work’s artistic style
6. a logical order for body paragraphs that builds the paper’s argument
7. a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and comments on its significance
8. excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar, with very few errors
9. appropriate and persuasive tone throughout the paper
10. proper format, with very few errors
11. proper reference style, with very few errors
12. content that fulfills all of the requirements of the assignment, including sources



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