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For this assignment, you will keep track of how you spend your time over the cou

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For this assignment, you will keep track of how you spend your time over the course of the week. You will then write a reflection paper describing the process and what you took away from it. Please note- while it is due Sunday, you will need to keep track of your time for 3 days, so plan accordingly (don’t wait until Sunday to start!….hence, manage your time:)
Part One: Collecting/ Analyzing the Data
For 2 consecutive days this week , keep track of how you spend your time using a daily schedule AND using Covey’s quadrants (attached). For the 3rd day, make some adjustments in your schedule based on patterns you noticed during the first 2 days. This could be adding in time blocks, fitting in something for your mental health etc. This is a great link that allows you to create a schedule template daily,weekly, etc You may find this site useful as well I also have attached the Covey’s Matrix and some information to reference. It is helpful to fill in all the known times first (class, work) and then add in the other things you do throughout the day. The more detailed you are, the better you will be able to see patterns regarding how you spend your time. If you do use your phone to keep track of your schedule, it is helpful to also document each day afterwards on a weekly schedule so you can look at the 3 consecutive days all at once at the end of the week (big picture).
After 3 days, take a look at your weekly schedule and how you spent your time. Notice any patterns? Look at your time management matrix (4 quadrants) and see what quadrant you spent most of your time in. Pay attention to how much time you spent on each activity, ex. how much time did you spend watching T.V, studying, working, reading, etc? How much time did you spend doing things that others required you to do? How much discretionary time ended up in your schedule?
What changes would did you make in your 3rd day? Think about how you might adjust your schedule, notice where and how you could spend more time and energy in order to better meet your goals. The goal is to spend most of your time on quadrant 2 of Covey’s Matrix (Important but not urgent)
Reflection: What you will submit
Write a two page reflection (double spaced, 1 inch margins, typed) that explores this process and what you gained from this experience. The questions below are meant to be a guide. You can either write as a reflective essay, or structure your reflection by simply number your paper and answering in depth the questions below. What did you notice after day 2 in regards to how you are spending your time?
What did you change in day 3 and why?
What patterns did you discover?
Which quadrant(s) did you spend most of your time in?
What were your “time wasters?” Is anything a time waste if you actually allow time for it? (question to think about)
What were you surprised by?
Based on what you learned and observed with this module, what changes changes do you hope to carry over into your future semesters to help with time management?
Note: You don’t need to hand in your schedule to me. I trust that you “actually did the tracking and are not making it up.”This is for you, like I said at the start of class the more you put into the class the more you will get out.



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