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For this essay #5, think about an area of study related to educational studies t

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For this essay #5, think about an area of study related to educational studies that you took and was personally meaningful and impacted you the most (for e.g., math education, SPED, ESOL related course etc.) and that is not covered by the previous 4 core theme essays. Using the course/sequence of courses/area of study, create your personal significance essay. Please note that any college-level course that you took either at UW or a community college could be used for your essay 5. Part 1: Threshold Concepts
Threshold concepts are concepts that once learned, lead to a deeper and significantly different understanding of the discipline. Threshold concepts are:
Transformative. After learning a threshold concept a learner thinks about the subject in a fundamentally different way. Threshold concepts lead to significant new insights into the subject area and may be accompanied by changes in values, or attitudes.
Irreversible. Once learned, a threshold concept is not likely to be forgotten or unlearned. Because threshold concepts are transformative, it is impossible for a learner to go back to seeing the subject from the previous, untransformed perspective.
Integrative. Threshold concepts reveal interrelatedness that was previously not recognized by the learner and lead to development of more elaborate and connected knowledge representations.
Threshold concepts are potentially difficult for learners to grasp initially, but once understood, they create a portal into a broader understanding of the world.
Apply this idea of threshold concepts to your own learning for this theme. What threshold concepts did you acquire (in this theme)? In what ways did they transform your thinking?
How were they irreversible? How did they help you see interconnectedness or interrelatedness that you didn’t recognize before? Part 2: Reflecting Your Unfinishedness
Think about all of classes, field experiences, and the work you have done outside of class… (related to this theme)
What experiences or ideas or learnings did you find challenging or difficult? Discuss why and how these experiences were challenging. Were you able to work past the challenges or are you still working with them? How have these challenging ideas or experiences affected your professional development?
What is your unfinished business from this theme? How have you worked with this and what are you working on right now?
Part 3: Looking Ahead
Where is your area of greatest strength and confidence related to this theme?
What do you want to work on next in your development related to this theme?
How will you continue working on your unfinished work?
What aspects of your development (from this theme) give you pause, or cause trepidation? How do you plan to engage with these issues? please talk about human growth and learning as my Personal Significance. Human Growth & Learning is a foundational course in child and early adolescent development. By the end of this course, students will be able to (1) identify, explain, and discuss key issues, theories, and findings in the field of child and early adolescent development, (2) critique the implications of these issues, theories, and findings for educational theory and practice, and (3) develop the ability to communicate key milestones in child and early adolescent development.



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