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Formal Analysis A formal analysis focuses on the elements of film form, such as

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Formal Analysis A formal analysis focuses on the elements of film form, such as cinematography (camera
movements), editing, sound, costume design, setting, and mise en scene
or photographic composition. Questions you might ask yourself: · What is significant about the formal
features and how do they add to the story and themes? · Looking at a particular scene or
sequence, how is the lighting, sound, editing, or cinematography contributing
to or impacting the meaning of the film? When
doing a formal analysis, you should start by describing the techniques used in
the scene or shot you are analyzing. After that, you should explain how these
techniques produce meaning and lead to your interpretation of the film. Genre Analysis
A genre analysis looks at film in relation to a category of
movies that share similar themes, settings, or visual characteristics. (In
class, we will discuss genres such as horror, westerns, and romantic comedies).
In a genre analysis essay, you will determine how a film conforms to or diverges from a genre category. When writing a genre analysis, you must first define the
genre. Then you need to decide how your film fits into (or does not fit into)
that genre. Questions you might ask yourself:
· What common structures, themes, and
techniques are associated with a particular genre? · Does the film I chose to conform to the
expectations of the genre? If so, how does it conform to them? If not, how and
why? Screening Report Requirements
In order to receive credit for your
screening reports, you must adhere to the following requirements. Your
screening report must be at least three paragraphs. Your opening paragraph should contain a thesis that clearly states the idea or
claims that you will develop in your second paragraph. Your second paragraph should defend your thesis using specific examples from the film. Your final paragraph should bring a sense of closure to your topic.
Always write in the third person. Do not use “I,” “my,”
or “you.”
For instance, no: “I think the film is about…” or “My interpretation of
the film is…” or “When you watch the film you …” Always include the title of the film (which should be
in italics) and the director’s name in the first paragraph.
For instance, “In Rear Window,
Alfred Hitchcock uses a murder mystery to examine attitudes toward
marriage.” When referring to a character, use the character’s name
– not “the guy in the film” or “the leading lady.” For instance, “In Rear Window, Jeff uses a murder mystery to evade questions of
marriage.” Always write
in the present tense. “In Rear
Window, the neighbors represent
Jeff’s fear of marriage.” Not, “In Rear
Window, the neighbors represented
Jeff’s fear of marriage.”
Finally, do
not include your opinion or a synopsis of the film. This is not a movie
review. I am looking for an



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