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GEB4891 Lesson 15–Chap. 10 Assignment

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Lesson 15–Chap. 10 Assignment Simulation
on Ethics and Social Responsibility 300 words
Lesson 15
List six desired
results of “ethics training programs” in terms of recommended business
ethics policies/procedures in the firm. Discussion Requirements:
Your initial post should be at least 250 words, based on your own
unique composition–using your own words along with explicit examples; do
not copy/paste someone else’s work.
MAR4802 Lesson 17 – Discussion. How can marketers use social media and mobile
marketing to engage customers?
What challenges do marketers face? Required: Your initial post
should be at least 200 words.
MAR4802 Lesson 17 Group
Assignment. Mobile, internet, social media, direct marketing and
other key marketing tools can be confusing for a small business owner. Develop
a short presentation to present to a small business owner(s) that describes the
above types of new marketing tools, their advantages and disadvantages, and
some examples of how small businesses are using or could use these tools to
increase their business.
Your reply must be at least 500
words PLUS a minimum of 2 references to support your answer. You must use
correct APA formatting
Man4401 Lesson 14 –
In a concise paragraph, paraphrase what you have learned about
globalization to explain to a policymaker why globalization has profound
implications for domestic employment issues. Based on these implications,
should enforceable labor standards (a social clause) be added to free trade
agreements? If so, what should the standards be and how should they be
enforced? How does increased globalization affect U.S. managers, labor leaders,
and workers in a unionized workplace? Does labor law need to be reformed because
of these effects? If so, how?
1. Begin contributing to the discussions no later
than midnight of the first Saturday after a lesson opens.
2. Your original post should be a minimum of 250
words and based on your own unique composition.



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