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give a response with a conversation about diversity and small business owners: D

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give a response with a conversation about diversity and small business owners:
Diversity Strategies and Business Strategy
When considering integrating diversity into a division of an organization. One must consider the aspects of the process of networking as an important approach for expanding an effective diversity strategy. Forret and Dougherty (2004) define networking as “Individuals’ attempts to develop and maintain relationships with others who have the potential to assist them in their work or career” (p. 420). Surprisingly, Gibson, Hardy, and Buckley (2014) claim that networking is believed to “facilitate the development of personal and professional opportunities” (p.3).
Theorists (Wolff and Moser, 2009) suggest that the behavioral perspective of networking can be executed both internally and externally. However, the benefits may be far greater in larger organizations because of the extensions of globalized markets within the organization. I tend to agree. For smaller entities, like my son’s however, planning for organizational expansion may take longer. (Gibson, et al., 2014) defines networking as a form of goal-directed behavior, both inside and outside of the organization, focused on creating, cultivating, and using some form of interpersonal relationships.
Some organizations and individuals often are not prepared for strategic planning. For instance, my son, who is a first-time children’s sci-fi author created a platform on Amazon for self-publication. Initially, he did not realize the process of self-publication. Meaning, he took on a self-discipline approach to create a cover and continue editing the book for several weeks before he could upload it to Amazon’s site. Patients also played a role in the development of the network processes. Individuals should make concise decisions because there will always be challenges ahead because individuals and organizations are always learning and developing new concepts for improvements (Levi, 2017).
My suggestion for him is to build a network by selling merchandise, using vendors to introduce his products. So far, the plans are in their infancy stages, yet some have been proven to be effective. Although there are some areas that need attention such as the lack of presence of social media platforms and his ideas. He just looks at the bottom line of gaining financially and does not find time to brainstorm ideas for growing his audience. I have since recommended that he try networking to gather different opinions and approaches on selling his book.
Forret, M. L., & Dougherty, T. W. (2004). Networking behaviors and career outcomes: differences for men and women? Journal of Organizational Behavior, 25(3), 419–437.
Gibson, Carter & Hardy, Jay & Buckley, M. (2014). Understanding the role of networking in organizations. Career Development International. 19. 10.1108/CDI-09-2013-0111.
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