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Human services organizations often have multiple HSPPs as case managers on staff

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Human Services | 0 comments


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Human services organizations often have multiple HSPPs as case managers on staff, each carrying their own caseload. It can be helpful for HSPPs to talk through concerns and keep their colleagues updated on their cases, in the event the case is turned over to someone else or simply for support and feedback. These exchanges of information are called “case briefings.”
In this course, you will act as an HSPP, managing a case involving a fictional service user. You will follow the case from initial contact, through problem identification and goal setting, through ethical dilemmas, and finally to service planning.
This and other Discussions focus on elements of the planning process as well as important decisions you must make in case management. Treat your Discussions as briefings, where you report on your case and any concerns or issues arising. For the purposes of this course, then, your classmates are your colleagues working at the same agency: Hart City Community Mental Health.
In this Discussion, you choose the service user(s) you would like to work with throughout the course. You perform an initial screening, your first step in the case management process. -Identify the case you selected. What draws you to this individual or family? Based on the available information, what do you anticipate being the areas of needed support, and why?
Michael (born “Mia”) is a 17-year-old who
identifies as a transgender male. He is a
senior at Hart City High School, where he is
a member of the theater club. The theater
club is small but welcoming. Michael excels
at acting and at set design and sees art as
an escape. Michael is an honor-roll student.
He has one close friend, Aisha, who is also
involved in theater, though she and Michael
do not currently have any classes together.
Outside of theater, Michael is frequently bullied by peers, especially when using the boys’ bathroom. Bullying has occurred off and on since Michael was 6 years old. At that time, he began to think he was different from others and that he didn’t fit his biological makeup.
Michael’s parents are divorced, and he lives with his mother, Courtney. Michael’s dad left 3 years ago, when Michael was 14 and came out as transgender. Michael describes some tension with Courtney because she seems to blame him for his dad leaving. Courtney is trying to support Michael but is not fully behind what she sees as “a choice.” She “misses her girl.” Michael struggles with lack of attachment to his primary caregivers and seeks to fill those gaps with other people he meets online. He has had a few sexual partners, both male and female, and describes himself as pansexual.



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