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I need this… Methodology or Schedule: (Include one or the other, not both) Divid

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I need this…
Methodology or Schedule: (Include one or the other, not both) Divide your plan into
steps or phases. Tell how each phase of the plan will progress and cover tasks that will be completed. Or, simply create a schedule or calendar for happenings.
Resources or Management: (Include one or both) Resources are a list of things you
already possess or have use of that will be instrumental to the project. Management is a discussion of who can head this project. Either recommend a specific person or people and explain why they are the best choice, or create a profile for an ideal job candidate.
Costs: This section varies based on the project, but must be appropriately detailed
and specific for the topic. It should detail all necessary purchases and spending (either in paragraphs or chart). The costs section is also a discussion of benefits and a place for sales. Remind your readers why this is an efficient solution, and remind them of the benefits that will result from the money spent.
Conclusion: The conclusion is a final summary and also a closing sales pitch for the
proposal, and your last opportunity to control the readers last impression. Sum up what you plan to do, explain why it will work, and make sure to remind the reader of the benefits of your solution. Make sure that each objective is re-stated and attended to in the solution.
I have this so far…
Long busy day running errands or just on the go and suddenly you get the notification, 15% battery life remaining. A common issue in today’s society is our beloved phone running low on juice. Your phone holds about 22 hours of battery life however things happen. Maybe you forgot to charge it, or you spent too much time scrolling on social media in between classes. It happens and we have an eco-friendly solution. The sun is one of the most powerful sources of energy we have and it’s time we take advantage of that with solar power chips.
No one likes it when their phone dies. Whether they’re on their couch or out with friends it’s a pain. You can no longer call that Uber and let’s hope your mom doesn’t decide to call. All jokes aside, for some people, their phone dying can be extremely serious. We store all our personal information on our devices. In a medical emergency many of us keep important information about our ailments on them. And yes, you can bring a wireless charger or lug around a cable all day or you can take advantage of what is right above you.
So let’s start with one of the best perks, solar energy is generally cheaper than your standard home electricity and it’s better for the environment too. According to “Using solar energy can have a positive, indirect effect on the environment…” Something I think most of us are worried about nowadays is the state of the Earth and every little contribution can help in the process of change.
The objective of this proposal is to provide more options when it comes to the phone battery life. One of the main objectives is to get more screen time without having to plug the phone in the wall. To be able to have your phone available at any time is the goal of having a solar power chip in the phone. Another objective is energy saving from this method. Solar power is becoming more and more widely used. One of the main attractions is the money saved using solar power compared to regular electricity. As a renewable energy source, solar energy is easily available every day and works in every climate where sunlight will hit the panels. Using this on our everyday accessories will make charging phones best at times a person will need it most.
What are the solutions that a solar power phone can solve? The biggest solution is extending the charge of a person’s phone while doing daily activities on the go. With a 70 watt solar chip, it will take about 2-3 hours to charge fully. On average, a person walks about 2 miles a day. 2 miles usually take 30-40 minutes to walk and with this solar chip, a person will get about 20%-25% of your battery life back. That is about 1/4th of a phone’s battery life that can be extra without plugging it in the wall. Another solution with this product is energy saving. Looking at houses that uses solar panels, the home owners save about 30% to even 48% on electric costs using solar energy. Using accessories to help ease the burden of carrying the phone in your hand will help with items like a carrying bag, purse or even a phone clip. With the special solar panels built firmly in the backpacks and purses we can have a special dock inside to hold and charge the phone in the bag. For the phone clips, it will hook onto a person’s belt and the sunlight should be able to hit the phone directly to get the solar charge. This step into solar energy can provide help with future inventions to help gi in a cleaner, healthier environment.



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