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Implicit Bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understandi

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Implicit Bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and discussions in an unconscious manner. The question is not whether or not we have a bias. We ALL have biases. The question instead is: what are my biases and how can I work to manage them? As future educators, we need to build awareness upon the fact that the assumptions we hold about our students that relate to their racial, ethnic and socioeconomic identities and backgrounds that will shape how we view their ability to succeed academically. These assumptions can actually work against our students and impede their progress. And often, students can see our biases!
A. Connect and Reflect:
Have you experienced bias in class before? What did that look like?
B. Build your awareness on implicit bias in action and the origins of implicit bias:
Watch the following videos. Each one is 3 to 4 minutes. You will answer the set of questions after viewing all three video segments.
1:1 What is Implicit Bias
1:2 Implicit Bias in Action
1.3: Origins of Our Bias
After viewing all three video segments, answer the following questions using support from the content of the videos:
1. What is the main distinction between our implicit and explicit biases?
2. What set of exercises did Joshua Bates (1:2 Implicit bias in Action) take you through to model how implicit bias unconsciously works? Please list all.
3. Explain how we can form bias toward groups of people based on what we see in the media, our background, and experiences.
4. What personal example did Lena Tenney (1:3 Origins of Our Bias) provide of her own strong implicit association she internalized through childhood?
5. Explain why this statement is FALSE: Only negative biases can have negative outcomes.
C. Blind Spots: Watch the following video on assumptions.
D. Ready to test yourself for your own blind spot? We will put this into action by taking an Implicit Association Test:
Psychologists at Harvard, the University of Virginia and the University of Washington created Implicit “to develop Hidden Bias Tests — called Implicit Association Tests, or IATs, in the academic world — to measure unconscious bias.
Hidden Bias Tests measure unconscious, or automatic, biases. Your willingness to examine your own possible biases is an important step in understanding the roots of stereotypes and prejudice in our society. Put yourself out there! Choose an IAT test that will challenge a blind spot.
Directions: Visit the web—site:
* Click on “GO” (to the right of the American flag.)
* Read the section “Preliminary Information”. Click on “I wish to Proceed”
* Select the test from the menu
* Follow the directions
* Upon finishing the IAT you selected, read about your score and record it.
Answer the following questions
If you feel comfortable sharing, which IAT test did you take? What was your score?
Explain how your background and personal experiences may have impacted your results?
With the new learning from this assignment, how will you apply this in your own life?



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