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In this essay, you will answer one of the following prompts: How should “privacy

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In this essay, you will answer one of the following prompts:
How should “privacy” be defined when online or using technology?  Consider ideas of what privacy means to the user and those they are interacting with online and what this does or does not look like or guarantee.How should the idea of “security” be defined in an online or technological landscape?  Consider discussing the ideas of what should or should not be considered security and what you would argue it is or looks like.
To complete this essay, develop an argument on this topic and use good ideas and information to back it up.  Use this outline to structure and complete the essay.
Introduction: Your introduction should attract readers with an interesting hook and give some context to the problem at hand.  It will end with a thesis statement that covers your argument on the topic.  This should include all three parts of a thesis (what, how, why) and should answer the prompt.Body Paragraphs:  You will have at least 3 body paragraphs (you may use more if needed)Body 1 and 2: Use the first two body paragraphs (you can extend to more if needed) to develop and argue for a definition of the word from the chosen prompt (privacy OR security, both not both), especially as it applies to being online or the use of technology.  Avoid a dictionary definition to instead develop your own by using definition by process, comparison/contrast, example, or any other mode of definition.  Keep each paragraph focused on one “part” of the definition and whatever ideas about security or privacy you are presenting.  You should use your source(s) to provide examples, ideas, or explanations as needed.Body 3: Discuss and argue why your definition is needed or why a current or widely seen definition is flawed or needs to be addressed.  In what ways do people think about privacy or security that are incorrect or what ideas of privacy/security are used that do not work or are problematic?  You can and should bring in an example of this if needed.Conclusion: Your conclusion will finish the essay by wrapping up your ideas and giving your reader something to think about.  You can restate your thesis, but if you do, then do something interesting for your reader.Details
You will use the prompt above to write a full and complete essay. This essay will follow the prompt and outline given in order to present a clear and well-developed argument.  This essay will be at least 1000 words and should not exceed 1200 words.  You will use MLA formatting to write the paper.  
You must use at least one source to complete this essay, but you may use one more source if you need to.  You can use the readings from the class or find one on your own.  This source must be used to support your argument and you will quote from it directly or in paraphrases.  You must cite the source(s) you use in-text and in a work cited page.
Do not use the 1st person (I, me, we, us, our) or 2nd person (you, your) in this essay.  Only write in the 3rd person (he, she, it, they).



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