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Instructions added in word document with file name “Instructions”. PLEASE USE RE

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Instructions added in word document with file name “Instructions”.
PLEASE USE REFERENCES I UPLOADED. Preview of instructions:
Congratulation students, you have now been promoted to Chief of Training and Professional Standards for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. This promotion is a blessing and curse all wrapped up in one job descriiption. Your first assignment by the Chief is to create an Officer Development Program for thirty (30) new fire officers. This maiden task will set the tone for the duration of your tenure in your new position and provide the Chief with insight of your knowledge of the process.
The program roster consists of a mixture of newly promoted Lieutenants, Captains, and two (2) Battalion Chiefs. Your roll will be far greater than producing a PowerPoint presentation and running these personnel through a few tabletop exercises. Training Chiefs do a lot of backstage leg work that the end users (students) never see. Your Final Project will prepare you for those tasks by incorporating all the previous modules you have learned throughout this course.
The Fire Chief, who is the former Training Chief and has a vast knowledge of the process, has asked you to prepare a summary paper to address some concerns he/she has for this project:
1) Please identify what each instructor(s) role is with the project. How will you choose those instructor(s) based on credentialing and educational requirements referencing Florida Administrative Code 69A?
2) Summarize the FCDICE Course Approval process, Instructor Approval process, and Class Offering Approval process with the new company officers. Where would you find this information? Provide a short summary of what would you teach.
3) Please identify training needs using needs analysis, job performance requirements, and gap analysis to answer that question.
4) Define the methodology (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed) used and purpose for the training program evaluation design as it pertains to this project.
5) The Fire Chief wants a new department wide training tracking system and wants to start with this course. State the considerations for creating a new records management system, including the collection, storage, and application of necessary information for this project.
6) Everything we do in the fire department comes with some form of financial lability. You will be required to formulate an initial budget for this program. Please take into consideration labor, props, fire academy rental if applicable and any other costs associated with the program to formulate a cost/benefit analysis. Please address these six (6) areas of concern in a through fashion. Provide not only answers, but information, processes, and references that may pertain to each question. Used references provided. As a rule of thumb, these types of questions can be answered with a brief paragraph. You will be graded on the thoroughness in completing each question.



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