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Instructions for the Internship Standards-Based Compositions Complete a composit

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Instructions for the Internship Standards-Based Compositions Complete a composition detailing your mastery of each relevant standard by reflecting on the activities you have completed throughout the internship experience. Combine evidence from internship activities, personal reflections, and relevant professional literature to create a compelling demonstration of your mastery of each standard. The purpose is to showcase your achievement and synthesize your understanding of each standard. If you are in a state-specific course, reference the standards for your state. (My state is FLORIDA) If you are not in a state-specific course, reference the PSEL standards at all times. Specific Requirements The composition will be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, or PDF, with appropriate formatting, cover page, citations, references, and an appendix or appendices, as outlined in the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association Each composition should be no less than 10 pages in length, excluding any appendices. Discuss at least three internship activities that support your mastery of the standard in each composition and make sure the activities listed align with the activities on your Time and Activity Log. Include the following level 2 headings and supporting information in the composition: Overview: Write an introduction that establishes the context or setting, including 1) a brief descriiption of the internship location; 2) the standard that is the focus of the composition; and, 3) the activities you will discuss as evidence of mastery of that standard. Reflecting on the Standard: Describe what the standard means to you and why mastering it is important for a school leader. Summary of Activities: Briefly explain the planning, implementation, and results of the activities used in this composition as evidence of your mastery of the standard. Primarily focus on what you actually did, or the specific actions you took in performing the activity. Discuss each activity in a separate paragraph, being sure to note the number of hours spent on the activity. In each paragraph, for each activity, either embed an artifact or reference the appropriate appendix (see “appendix” section below). Remember, you must discuss at least three different activities in each composition. Impact on Student Achievement: Discuss how your completion of the activities directly impacted student performance (social/emotional/academic) in some way. Give specific examples of impact, including quantitative evidence when possible, and anecdotal evidence. Reflecting on Personal Growth: Describe how completing the activities related to the standard improved your personal and professional leadership skills. Discuss what you learned about yourself and your leadership skills. Reflecting on Mastery: Persuasively make the case that you have mastered the standard. How do you know that you have? How do your peers know that you have? How will your course instructor know that you have? References: Include at least two current, peer-reviewed references to be cited in the composition. Appendix: If you did not embed artifacts in the narrative, you must include an appendix with labeled artifacts for all the activities you discussed in the composition (i.e. if you discussed five activities then you will need five artifacts). Artifacts can be anything that documents your participation in an activity, including but not limited to: agendas, pictures, emails, memos, datasheets, presentations, brochures, survey results, observation instruments, etc. Instructors may adjust length limits based on whether artifacts were embedded or appendicized. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AND USE THE INTERNSHIP PAPER I UPLOADED TO HELP YOU WRITE ABOUT WHAT I DID. PLEASE REFERENCE WHAT I WORKED ON AND THE HOURS I PUT IN. ALSO, PLEASE USE THE RUBRIC I UPLOADED. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. NO PLAGIARISM. 100% YOUR OWN WORDS. References: Include at least two current, peer-reviewed references to be cited in the composition. APA 7TH EDITION



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