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Introduction: All good papers begin with an introductory paragraph. You will int

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All good papers begin with an introductory paragraph. You will introduce your organism by name and basic information. Descriiption of the Microorganism :
Write a paragraph or so describing your organism. Please be sure to include the type of organism (bacterial, viral, fungal, protozoa, helminth, etc), morphology (shape, arrangement, colony morphology if applicable), descriiption of structure (gram result, type of nucleic acid or virion structure, spore type, etc if applicable) and also the type of microscope and/or stain you would use to view the organism. Please use proper scientific terminology and good grammar and sentence structure throughout this project.
Virulence Factors:
Include a paragraph on the virulence factors the pathogen has and how they affect the host. Please enhance this with detailed explanations of the virulence factors and how they affect the host as you gain a better understanding of them throughout the semester.
Which defenses protect us from infection by this bacterium? Include information about specific barriers or cells. Does this pathogen induce a specific type of immune response (example: delayed-type hypersensitivity)? If so, which one(s)?
Infectious disease information:
What condition(s) or infectious diseases does it cause? Which tissues or organs are affected, and how are they affected (for example, chronic TB is characterized by lung tubercles)? Describe the complications that can result if the infection is left untreated. Are these acute, chronic, or latent infections? What organ system(s) does it infect? Is it an opportunistic pathogen? If so, where is it normally found in the body?
Be sure that in-text citations follow APA guidelines.
Draw and label an original diagram on how this organism is transmitted. Make sure you include the reservoirs of infection, and vectors in involved in transmission, the type of transmission and the portals of entry and exit.
Is there a childhood vaccine against this microbe? Name the vaccine. If so, when is it administered (the recommended schedule, including boosters)? If the vaccine is not recommended during childhood, which at-risk group should get the vaccine, and when? Describe the type of vaccine and how it works. If there is no vaccine available, list at least three measures that can be implemented to prevent transmission of this infection.
What Chemotherapeutic agents are recommended? Mechanism of action for these chemotherapeutic agents. Why this agent is efficacious against this organism? Additional therapeutic agents or practices if any. This could include supportive care.
Clinical Relevance:
Are there any Multi-Drug Resistant strains of this microorganism? If so, name the strain(s). Is this strain a known healthcare-associated pathogen? Which persons/procedures within a clinical or healthcare-assisted settings are particularly at risk? Which antibiotics are used against the MDR strains? Be specific.
Wrap everything up. A good academic research paper should bring everything full circle with a solid conclusion.
This final reference page needs to include any and all references, at least 4, you utilized to find information about your particular organism. Remember, the information needs to come from academic/scholarly resources. is a great search engine to help you find academic resources. Sites such as Wikipedia are great to use as a reference/starting point to locate good articles; however, they cannot be used as a primary source of information. ***Tip: If you find information in Wikipedia, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can usually find academic articles that authors have utilized to complete the information. Most of the Running Head: NAME OF MICROORGANISM PAPER
time you can simply click on that article for a direct link, or simply search for the name of the article in our Library Database to find a complete text.
***Be sure that your in-text citations are accurate and follow APA formatting, again utilize the



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