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Lesson 4 Discussion Board In the wake of controversial police shootings and use

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Lesson 4 Discussion Board
In the wake of
controversial police shootings and use of force, there is an increased demand
for accountability and transparency. Read the article from the link below.
D.C. mayor warns of big costs if city must release police
body-camera video
Do you believe all police officers
should have body-worn cameras? One of the concerns regarding the use of
body-worn cameras is the issue of public information regarding video from
police cameras. Do you believe video from police cameras should be
available for public inspection in every situation? Even if it cost
taxpayers millions of dollars? Does the release of all body-worn video
violate the privacy of citizens who appear on the video, whether or not
they are arrested?
Would you want any member of the public
or media to be able to access police video with you in it?
Would you be okay with the public and
the media having access to all government-owned surveillance video in the
city, including street cameras and red light cameras?
Lesson 5 Discussion Board
Read the story
about a prisoner suicide from the link below.
After Kalief Browder’s Suicide, Officials Call for Bail Reform
What amendment protects people from
excessive bail?
Is bail designed to punish or assure the
defendant will appear for trial? Should there be a limit on how long a
person spends locked up waiting for trial on misdemeanor cases?
Do you believe our criminal justice
system unfairly punishes people who are poor?
Lesson 6 Discussion Board
Read the
article from Time Magazine about the death penalty.
The Death of the Death Penalty
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death
on June 25, 2015, for his role in the Boston Marathon bombing. Based on
the history and the use of the death penalty, what year do you believe
Tsarnaev will actually be put to death?
Does the death penalty deter crime? Why
or why not?
Which costs taxpayers more, sentencing
someone to death or sentencing someone to life in prison?
Punishment is said to be most effective
if it is sure and swift. Does the current use and implementation of the
death penalty in the United States meet those criteria?
Why does it take so long to carry out a
death sentence in the United States?
Lesson 7 Discussion Board
Read the story
below and answer the questions.
N.Y. prison break: Mitchell used baked goods to help killers,
source says
The treatment and prison conditions
surrounding the escape of two inmates from a New York State prison has
become the subject of criticism and debate. Do you believe inmates serving
life sentences should have access to hot plates and refrigerators inside
the cells?
Should inmates serving long sentences be
rewarded for good behavior at all? The actions of correctional officers and
lapses in security led to the escape of these two prisoners. How can
prison administrators prevent personal relationships between inmates and
corrections officers?
Do you think allowing females to work in
male prisons and males to work in women’s prisons is a problem and should
be restricted?
Lesson 8 Discussion Board
Read the article discussing the Supreme Court decision and DNA.
SCOTUS upholds DNA testing for serious arrests
Since the Supreme Court has determined that collecting DNA from people convicted of serious crimes is constitutional, how would you feel about collecting DNA from any person arrested for any crime – even misdemeanors?
The collection of DNA not only increases the ability to solve cases by arresting the offender but can also free innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted. If having samples of everyone’s DNA – arrested or not – would help free innocent people and put dangerous people in prison, would you voluntarily submit a sample of your DNA to the government? Why or why not?



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