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Most of us have trouble recognising our special talent. But, thanks to my parent

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Most of us have trouble recognising our special talent. But, thanks to my parents, I discovered my talent when I was only seven years old. Tennis may be just a sport or a pastime to other people, but it is everything to me. Tennis has not only rewarded me with trophies and accolades, but it has also shaped me into a responsible, active, and courteous person, regardless of whether I win or lose.
When I was a senior in high school, I took my academics for granted since I was so focused on improving my UTR and becoming stronger every day. However, towards the end of my first year, I realised that I needed to balance my tennis and academics in order to get the best results in both, which was a daunting challenge.
I have personally seen many players dropping out of the game because either they have lost interest in the game or they are unable to balance their sport with academics. Initially, I was about to be one of them, due to a lot of work pressure and assignments to finish. I was not able to focus on my tennis for a few months, but then I realised that giving up was not the only solution, and ultimately, giving up tennis was not going to make me any better. Instead, it would make me feel like a loser.
So I took up the option to balance both tennis and academics by scheduling and managing time by writing down my hourly checklist so that I would neither miss my assignments nor my practice. I had to be more responsible because I knew I’d have more homework, practice, and chores related to tennis as well as schoolwork. So, I have learned how to manage my time.
When I was in Portugal for my first international tournament, I met with different people from different countries with different cultures, mindsets, and beliefs. But the common point for all of us in the tournament is to win the title. I still remember when my friend from Portugal used to make fun of me when I ate my meals with my bare hands, and another friend of mine had taught me how to eat noodles with chopsticks. These may be very minute things in general, but when you travel 5000 miles away from your family and friends for the first time and do not know what the place is going to be like or what the people are going to be like, in this kind of situation, every little memory of that trip will be memorable.
Tennis has not only taught me a lot of things about myself and made me more responsible for how I manage my time, but it has also given me a lot of friends and coaches who are like family now around the world with whom I’m still in contact. I still remember when I met my coach from the US for the first time in the common dining hall of our academy. Even though we did not have a proper conversation until my second week at the academy, I had a really good time training with him for 3 months, and I became so close to him in those 3 months that, whenever I feel low, I still share my feelings with him. Being a tennis player, you have to shake your opponent’s hand whether you win or lose. Tennis has taught me how to control my anger and to always be a better person. Although I have seen players who are so aggressive on court, when they are off the court they are the most respected people. Maybe this is the reason tennis is known as the “Gentleman’s Sport”.
Although, without playing tennis, I would not have known how active I could be. I can say that I have attained a balance Tennis has motivated me to keep on moving. It has made me fit with regard to my health and made me a better person not only physically but mentally as well.



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