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My paper is titled Exantus_Overdose….The main goal of this paper is to complet

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My paper is titled Exantus_Overdose….The main goal of this paper is to complete chapter III starting on page 28 and 29 and to make final edits to Chapter 1 and 2 which are indicated in the margins.
Also the Abstract and the acknowledgements and key words has to be added (pages 2 and 3). I have included a sample paper named Asafu SAMPLE PAPER
Chapter III is the main focus of this course and needs to follow a logical flow of ideas written based on the work completed in chapters 1 and 2.
Introduction – repeat purpose statement (copy and paste exactly)
Choose appropriate an implementation Model (See Melnyk Chapter
14). I attached a PDF of the pages that discuss the “Iowa Model”
Describe and utilize the steps of the implementation model. Describe clear plan to integrate the internal and external evidence with clinical expertise, patient preferences and values to propose change in current practice. Address what is going wrong in practice and thus improve patient outcomes. Include rationale for specific timeline to demonstrate impact of the proposed intervention on outcomes of interest.
Describe stakeholders and organization/system or setting where EBP will be implemented. Note that you must select a real setting. Describe # beds, type of patients, ages, etc. Strong projects have setting data that supports the need of the practice change. Discuss how you will receive permission from the agency to conduct the project.
Intervention or practice change to achieve the desired outcome (s). Must provide detailed descriiption of the intervention. For example, if it is a teaching intervention, note how many sessions per week, over what time period, how long are the sessions, who is giving the sessions, what material will be covered, etc.
Procedures of how you as the APN will coordinate entire implementation process
Describe specific data to be collected (note: in general, EBP projects cannot collect demographic data)
How data will be managed (who has access to data, how is privacy maintained)
What type of data analyses will be utilized?
How will you evaluate the practice change to see if it worked?
Identify facilitating factors for implementation
Identify barriers to implementation
Include implications for nursing practice, research and/or policy.



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