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Over these last few weeks, we have read into texts that provided recounts of the

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Over these last few weeks, we have read into texts that provided recounts of the formation of communities and their associated culture. For your second essay, you will write an analytical essay in which you identify and explain a specific culture—this can be a subculture, counterculture, cultural movement, and so on—of your choice. In this essay, you will be informing your reader, but also analyzing the significance of the culture.
Three main elements should be prevalent in your paper: 1) thorough identification and explanation of your cultural, 2)contextual information and historical recount of the culture’s construction, and 3) your analysis of the culture’s significance.
Papers must be at least five pages in length but no more than six pages
Papers must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, and in MLA format.
Papers must use at least credible three sources.
Important Dates
Thursday, 11/11: Annotated Bibliography due on Canvas (3 points)
Saturday, 11/13: Rough Draft due on Canvas (2 points)
Friday, 11/19: Final Draft Due on Canvas (20 points)
An “A” paper will contain a clearly identifiable topic and purpose that is strongly supported by your writing and thorough use of sources. Furthermore, said writing will be clear and well formulated (topic sentences, transitional phrases, concise wording, fully explored ideas, etc). Active voice will take the helm from beginning to end in an A paper.
A “B” paper will contain an identifiable topic and purpose that is supported by your writing and sources. Said writing will be clear but, at times, will stray from the main point being made. Active voice will be prevalent but at times slip into passive voice. A B paper will use rhetorical modes at times but not to the extent of an A paper.
A “C” paper contains a topic and purpose that is identifiable; however, said topic and purpose will be either underdeveloped or lacks proper support through your writing and contains little use of sources. Voice will switch between active and passive often. Rhetorical modes may be used in a C paper but, if they are used at all, sparingly.
A “D” paper will not contain a clear topic and purpose that can be identified by your audience (me). As a result, the body paragraphs within your essay may contain good ideas, but the overall direction/point of a D paper will be unclear. A D paper will display little to no use of rhetorical modes and passive voice will be prevalent throughout.
A “F” paper will not contain any topic and purpose of claim and lacks any sources. The ideas and content of the paper will not display any correlation with one another. Passive voice will dominate the near entirety of the paper and there will be no usage of rhetorical mode.
Paper must be about the country of Trinidad and Tobago and it’s culture



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