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Paper Idea: Learned Helplessness and Academic attainment in the modern world: Wh

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Paper Idea: Learned Helplessness and Academic attainment in the modern world:
What does the research say about learned helplessness as a behavior of education?
What does it say about Academic attainment in regards to the first factor listed above?
Possible sources:
What does the research say about the impact of streaming, setting and attainment grouping on students? – THE EDUCATION HUB
Self-Motivation for Academic Attainment: The Role of Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Personal Goal Setting on JSTOR
The Effects of the Introversion on Educational Attainment: A Cross-Sectional Study (
EJ1141227.pdf (
Learned Helplessness, Test Anxiety, and Academic Achievement: A Longitudinal Analysis on JSTOR
Learned Helplessness Research Papers –
This one deals with learning disabilities so might not fully fit and is older: Learned-Helplessness Theory: Implications for Research in Learning Disabilities – Frank J. Canino, 1981 (
The Emergence and Collapse of Knowledge Boundaries (
Full article: Expanding the knowledge boundaries about learning: looking forward to exciting times ahead ( Journal is 6 years old, but still might be useful
Research and Reflective Practice in the ESL Classroom: Voices from Sri Lanka (
Reflective practice ( A general overview of Reflective practice if needed for the paper.
Paper set up:
Learning outcome 1: Develop understanding of reflective practice in the context of international education and understand how the boundaries of knowledge and practice are advanced through research
Learning outcome 2: Evidence knowledge and understanding of approaches to teacher enquiry and critical reflection
Outline a development, change or initiative you are going to undertake and demonstrate how you will use literature to inform it.
In both cases, the following assignment structure may be helpful:
· Introduction: why you have made / are making the changes in your setting or your own personal practice.
· Literature Review: a critical account of the literature in the field around the importance of research informed practice and what literature says specifically around the changes you have undertaken / will undertake
· Brief descriiption of the process you have undertaken / will undertake
· Show the impact / anticipated impact of the changes and how these compare to the outcomes described in the literature
· Conclusion: what have you personally taken from this. How will this develop your own classroom practice.
This assignment can look at any aspect of education, from a curriculum change to an approach for wider working, such as assessment or behavior, through to an institutional change that will affect the school as a whole. The overarching requirement is that you MUST show how this is backed by literature in the field.
We strongly advocate that you predominantly use journal articles (from the last 5 years) and academic textbooks (from the last 10 years) and any wider seminal writing (from times outside of these guidelines). Grey literature such as government and school policy should be used as appropriate, although blogs and newspaper articles should be used with extreme caution unless coming from a clearly academic source.
• Any previous changes you have made, why you made them and the evidence base for these changes.
• The rationale for the change you made (which will be the focus of this assignment)
• What the literature says about the importance of research-informed practice
• The research you have found around the change you have undertaken
Do make sure you cover Research Informed Practice in an international context as an overview using academic literature for support (LO1).
Response from the tutor to my very rough draft, above:
Maybe think about the theoretical background that you’re approaching your topic of ‘learned helplessness’ from, is it from a behaviourist perspective (Skinner etc) or from a more humanist view (Carl Rogers and self-actualisation)?
Can’t comment on your referencing, but do make sure you use Harvard format correctly and consistently, check ‘cite them right’ if unsure



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