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Peer response# 1 by Christynna Witzke – Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 10:32 AM

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Peer response# 1
by Christynna Witzke – Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 10:32 AM
Reading this story by Shirley Jackson and watching the video made me feel that the tone the author had was the intention of what they were trying to state. The intention was in everyone being kind and happy with the lottery but then when pulling the papers sad or anxious to find the black spot. I noticed with watching the video how difficult it was for me to understand what was happening since these days lottery is a win to cash. In the story, it was not a lottery for cash but a lottery of who gets the black spot and gets stoned to death. The writing style was to me to be persuasive in giving justification and reason to the point of view of the story. The style of the tone and diction was with Mrs. Hodson being excited to run to the lottery almost forgetting but then changed when she was picked with the black spot on the paper to be stoned which made her debate and become sad. The tone is believed to get attention to the reader in the influence of the character’s attitude in the story. The Style is learned to be somewhat of the tone but with word choice to describe the technique of how the story will portray to the audience. The diction is the choice the writer makes to get the point of view across in telling the story while getting your attention. When watching this video and reading the story I have an appreciation for the author being able to grasp the audience’s attention to what will happen next? who will get picked? what will they do? This is always the author to get the reader’s attention to the question, get excited, wonder, and get into the story to see what the end game is to the plot of the story. I have a difficult time with tone and getting the attention of the audience so the author is talented to be able to do this in the story.
“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
Literary devices
Peer response# 2
Hello everyone,
The story of Shirley Jackson is disturbing. When I was watching the video and the
kids (girls and boys) got together to collect rocks disregarding the size, one kid was trying to
force his rock into his pocket. I immediately identified the intent that later came with the action
of stoning a person. As a reader and the observation of the video makes me feel disgusted on
how the kids think it’s normal and turn it into a game. They act as if they are trained to put a pile
of rocks to what looks like a small mountain so when the unfortunate person gets chosen, they
already have the stack of all kinds of rocks ready to execute. One lady’s husband was not
able to attend because he broke his leg and Phil (the point master of the lottery) asked Jennie if
she has grown boy to drawn for him? Jannie explains how the boy is only 16 years of age
and she would be the one to do it. Not also is the video clip is inhumane but it is also sexist. We all
know how things use to be with men not taking women seriously and thinking they only belong
in the kitchen. The Author got my attention by kids collecting rocks, a crowd of people with
families getting together as if it was going to be a big price of goodies. Comes to find out, that was
not the case but all does people already knew that. I feel that the storytelling, tone, style and
diction is taking a chance even if it would cause pain (stoning a person). Tone: making people
believe that everything was nice and perfect because it was a beautiful day, style: could be a
tradition or something that they believe in doing. I learned that I could story tell just about
anything and making it look real. I learned to appreciate and respect authors. The way they think
and write makes my imagination open up more to new ideas.



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