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Please come up with an introduction page to the following text: LGBTQ is an acro

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Please come up with an introduction page to the following text: LGBTQ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning or queer. Primarily, these terms describe an individual’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Most historians concur that same-sex love and homosexuality activity is evident in every documented culture irrespective of whether they permitted or prosecuted such relationships. Although people lived similar lifestyles to those of the modern understanding of being LGBTQ, the notion of having a distinct sexual identity did not exist until the late-nineteenth century.
The presence of the LGBTQ community is evident in every documented culture, but it lacked a distinct definition until later in the 19th century. For instance, Havelock Ellis, a British sexologist, referred to individuals who identify as transgender or gay in modern day as ‘sexual inverts,’ defining them as a gender presentation that socially contracts the sex assigned at birth and those who are attracted to same-gender (D’Emilio 129). Other umbrella terms such as homosexual, gay, transgender, and lesbian emerged later to describe people exhibiting similar behaviors. However, there were those who did not fit in these terms since they were ‘queer’ or ‘questioning’ their gender identity or gender identity, representing the letter Q in the acronym.
Historically, society often discriminated against individuals exhibiting deviant gender identity or sexual orientation characteristics, even prosecuting them in some instances. Many LGBTQ individuals continue to face discrimination in their lives, at work and in the public sphere, and at health care facilities. These acts of discrimination result to numerous adverse consequences for their mental, physical, and financial well-being (LGBT North West 74). Some people have resulted to altering their lives to avoid the trauma and discrimination caused by the unequal treatment. Younger generations have reported higher discrimination rates that their predecessors, while discrimination issue are pronounced among the disabled, transgender, and individual of color (D’Emilio 132). Consequently, hate crimes against LGBT people are equally high.
The historical challenges such as discrimination and the prevalent hate crimes against LGBT individuals have prompted the emergence of groups dedicated to helping the community. These organizations strive to achieve an equal and fair handling of all LGBTQ members for them to achieve their full potential. The Human Rights Campaign is one of the largest advocacy and political lobbying organizations for the LGBT community. Founded in 1980, HRC endeavors to protect and expand the rights of LGBTQ people by advocating for anti-discrimination and hate crimes legislation, HIV/AIDs advocacy, and same-sex marriages (LGBT North West 89). The LGBT Foundation also focuses on supporting the needs of the LGBTQ community. It supports this group by helping them advance their skills, knowledge, and self-confidence to enable them enhance and maintain their health and wellbeing (LGBT North West 91). Through their dedication and support, such organizations have helped to change the perception of the LGBT community over the years. Although instances of discrimination and violence still affect this group, societal attitudes about them have changed dramatically in the past decades. A lot of social acceptance has and continues to occur globally, raising the sense of optimism amongst the group.
The acronym LGBTQ has a historical embodiment that informs the modern LGBTQ community, reminding them of their challenges and victories. Historians have established the existence of the group in the earliest documented societies. However, the minority group continues to experience discrimination and hate crimes due to their unique sexual orientations and gender identity. Nevertheless, organizations such as the LGBT Foundation and the Human Rights Campaign have dedicated time and resources to help the community, which has significantly influenced their perception over the years. Importantly, the LGBT community needs anti-discrimination and hate crimes legislation and social acceptance to become equal.The LGBTQ community have continued to face numerous challenges due to their choice of sexual affiliation and attraction (Dorton 257). In most scenarios, individuals who land in one of these areas are often rejected from society and cut off from access to most essential services. Some of the change challenges this community faces include physical violence and discrimination in various critical aspects of culture (Craney 324). Most of these community members face discrimination in job places, healthcare provision, and equal judgment, and other places such as school.
The author expresses concern about the current discrimination against the LGBTQ community in various sectors. They further expressed concern about current legislation by congress on the protection of discrimination based on sex and whether it also encompasses such prejudice faced by the LGBTQ in the society. In his research, he analyses the various policy frameworks in the United States of America and how they facilitate the discrimination the LGBTQ community currently faces in accessing essential services such as healthcare and job opportunities.
This text correlated the nature of bisexual discrimination and psychological stress witnessed among the LGBTQ group. The study focuses majorly on how women of this community adapt to the discrimination based on their sexual affiliations and orientations. The study highlights mechanisms that can be put in place by society and this community to curb stress due to discrimination against the LGBTQ group. The study concludes that education, resistance to stigma, and detachment indicate positive relation to coping with views and prejudices of the general public.According to a recent report by the Human Rights Campaign, 2021 has already witnessed the killing of at least 45 people from the LGBTQ community (“Fatal Violence Against the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community in 2021”). The individuals of the LGBTQ community are treated as second-class citizens of the country. As a result, they have limitations in interacting freely in social activities. Not only in public or social life, but the LGBTQ community also faces plenty of problems in their professional life as well. In many of the hospitals also, LGBT people fail to get proper care and treatment. The purpose of this paper is to provide some solutions for reducing the hate crimes against transgendered people in the U.S.
Hate crimes against the LGBTQ community can be tackled in multiple ways. The first and most important solution for this problem is to cultivate awareness among the people. People should realize that every individual has the right to keep the sexual orientation he/she likes. An individual’s sexual orientation may not cause any problems to others. Therefore, discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation is not desirable for a civilized country like the U.S. Anti-bullying programs could help people understand that bullying itself is wrong and so are the hate crimes they are doing. Such programs should ensure the participation of people from all communities such as students, clinicians, researchers, government officials, parents, and community members (Earnshaw et al. 1). Individuals from the LGBTQ community should be allowed to discuss their problems and issues openly in symposiums and seminars organized for their well-being. Since most of the bullying activities take place in schools and colleges, anti bullying programs should be conducted on school and college campuses regularly.
The workplace is another location in which the LGBTQ community faces many types of harassment, bullying, and hate crimes. As per the existing laws in the United States, it is illegal to discriminate hate crimes in all areas of social life including that in workplaces. President Biden has signed an Executive Order on January 20, 2021for protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community, and to stop hate crimes against them (“LGBTQI+ Youth”). As per the norms of the aforementioned law, all people in the country have the right to equal treatment when they interact in social or work activities. In workplaces, recognition should be given based on performance rather than the sexual identity of the employees.
The department of health and human services should establish a dedicated office for the LGBT community. Such an office should develop strategies for tackling hate crimes against LGBT people. The needs of the LGBT community are not addressed properly at the moment. People from this community are reluctant in approaching the authorities even if they face some problems from others. They are not sure how the authorities deal with their problems. The authorities have the habit of treating hate crimes against the LGBT community as less important than those based on faith or race (“A police officer talks about hate crime directed against LGBT people”). A separate office would help the LGBT community register their complaints properly and get justice.



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