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Please follow the instructions and requirements for this assignment. Be sure to

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Please follow the instructions and requirements for this assignment. Be sure to ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!!!
M1: Data-Centered Analysis of International Opportunities and Responsible Business—Analyzing Trade Data
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• Due Sunday by 11:59pm
• Points 100
• Submitting a file upload
The purpose of this assignment is to utilize trade statistics to research markets and analyze trends and opportunities for international trade, while identifying implications for responsible business. These skills may be useful for the team project you complete later in the course. The assignment will build upon data-driven decision-making skills you have developed in other MBA coursework.
Your task is to analyze trade data to identify and interpret trends relating to one of the issues outlined below; select the issue you find most interesting. Develop a methodology that fits your issue in terms of the direction of the trade (exports versus imports), time frame (years or months included), countries included in the analysis, and other options within the database. Your report should focus on using the trade data to present evidence identifying trends relating to the issue you select. Additional research may be helpful to get up to speed with the issue that you select, but your report should focus on directly making sense of the trade data. Present a concise report of your analysis and include tables, charts, and/or graphs as appropriate to draw data-driven conclusions. While not required, you may use statistical procedures in your analysis.
Your report should consist of four sections:
1. Methodology. Explain and justify the methodology you used in your analysis, such as the countries you included, the time period, and the analytical approach. Focus on the ITC trade data; other data sources are not required.
2. Results. Incorporate at least one data table and one graph to illustrate your main results.
3. Conclusions. Draw appropriate inferences based on the data you have collected and analyzed.
4. Implications for Business Opportunities and Responsible Business. Discuss implications for your conclusions for business opportunities and for responsible business.
Select one of the following three issues to focus on for your assignment:
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Issue #1—Assessing the impact of the Rana Plaza disaster on U.S. t-shirt imports
Issue #2—Waste plastic exports following China’s ban on imported plastic waste
Issue #3—Impact of U.S. tariffs on solar cells and modules
In order to complete this assignment, you will need to use the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC) DataWeb (Links to an external site.), a database providing U.S. merchandise trade and tariff data. This database is free but requires registration. Register in advance for the database, and be sure to have watched the tutorial video posted on this module’s Insights page (Link will open in new tab.).
In this course, you will complete three data-driven assignments analyzing international business opportunities and responsible business. The specific details of each assignment will vary, but the following requirements apply to all three data-driven assignments:
• The attached grading rubric Download grading rubricwill be used for assessment, focusing on each of the sections of the report as well as on overall critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and written communication.
• The report should consist of 300-500 words, not including exhibits.
• Include at least 1-2 exhibits (graphs, charts, or tables) to appropriately present your quantitative analysis.
• You are welcome to collaborate in developing strategies for completing the assignment, but each student’s written report, including all exhibits, must be original and unique.



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