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Please read the section on “Heuristics” in your text, pages 47-51 (pages may be

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Please read the section on “Heuristics” in your text, pages 47-51 (pages may be slightly different in the electronic version.)
Heuristics are rules of thumb for solving problems and making judgments. There are 3 different types of heuristics described in the text (representativeness, availability, and affect). For your assignment, write a 1-2 page paper answering the following questions:
1) Give 5 unique examples for each type of heuristic (15 total). Please do not use the book examples (actual or modified) as you will not receive credit for them. These should be your own unique examples. Each one should be different and not a modification of a previous example. It is best to number each individual example.
2) Describe in detail for each example why you feel that it illustrates that particular heuristic. That is, how does your example show that this is a mental short cut that demonstrates this principle? Is it helping to solve a problem or make a decision? (For example: a representativeness heuristic would be you buy the more expensive pair of shoes because you think they will last longer. You assume the more expensive pair is better made that the cheaper pair. You are assuming price is representative of quality.)
PLEASE NOTE: To clarify for affect heuristic, many people read the section and think it simply means our emotions effect our actions. Attitude heuristic involves a stored evaluation that helps us to make a decision and our current mood can affect that decision or evaluation. If you simply give an example of how your mood affected your action, you may not get credit.
Please submit your paper using only Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (rtf). Your paper should be double spaced, with one inch margins. Please use only Times or Times New Roman 12 point font. In this format, there should be a MINIMUM of 350 words.
Assignments will be checked for non-original material using SimCheck.
If all 5 examples given are correct and include an accurate, detailed descriiption of how each indicates that particular heuristic (15 total examples) student will earn the full 15 points. Reduced credit for insufficient descriiptions, incorrect identification, or missing examples.



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