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Please write a discussion board, and then I am going to type a classmate’s discu

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Please write a discussion board, and then I am going to type a classmate’s discussion, so you can make a comment under it. Please write “reply” and then write your thoughts about her point. Here is my colleagues post: Within Spielberg’s film, Lost World: Jurassic Park, the film itself involves differences including that of intertextuality and self-reflexivity. Involving intertextuality, the film includes its classic use of technology, in which the film got an Oscar nomination nod for best visual effects, and Spielberg had a clear understanding on making the dinosaurs look realistic compared to the first movie. Within the article, it discusses how realistic this film was compared to the others, as the director (and the author of the book, Michael Crichton) wanted this film to allow audiences to be immersed back into the age of dinosaurs. One of the things that was brought to attention was the cloning of the dinosaurs in making them and how other studios (in other countries) started getting the same idea when it came to prehistoric films; audiences wanted to experience the same feeling of being involved in a movie that had ancient creatures. Spielberg respected the science that came with the movie, and it claimed to be another box office hit in 1997, as technology (again) invested its audiences in the world of instinct animals. Involving self-reflexivity, Spielberg was working on the script for the film months before announcing the release of the film (involved with the author of the original book), just like in the film how the scientist was recreating the dinosaurs but not telling anyone about it; only the government knew about the dinosaurs, which can compare to those involved in the films making versus the audience not knowing). Just like the technology increasing over the years, the audience can have this live action feeling, just like when the paleontologist discover these monstruous creatures and are shocked by them being alive; including the realistic value to the film. I found it unique that the director had such an affliation with the technology in this film, but as movies kept increasing, so did Spielberg’s use of inclduing CGI and what not in his films, Especially with the Jurassic Park series, he included the portion of social context in a way that would keep the audience engaged, but what about those who are true fans. If you use social context in a film, how amny audience members can relate? As you stated about the high budget, can that make or break movie by spending more time on the grpahics of the dinosaurs versus the actual plot of the movie itself? Does teechnology distract us from the fact that this particualr Jurassic Park film includes more technolgy compared to the first one? – Jess D. /the movie link
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