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pls follow the attachment example thx Objective: Students will gain a real-world

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pls follow the attachment example thx
Objective: Students will gain a real-world understanding of hospitality financials while
reviewing an earnings release for a publically traded hospitality company.
Directions: Students are to search the internet for a hospitality company (airlines,
restaurants, hotels, etc.) and review the company’s financial statements. You can find the
financial statements either on the company’s corporate webpage, or by using a financial
search such as Google Finance, MSN Money, Yahoo Money, etc.
Students are to create a paper discussing the information on all three statements. Paper
should not be shorter than 2000 words, but not exceed 4000 words. Review the
financial stability of the organization based on the information on the three financial
statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flow). IN YOUR
OWN WORDS DISCUSS: What is going on with the company? Did they make any big
purchases? What are their biggest expenses? Where do they spend the most money?
What is their biggest revenue center? Have they had increasing profits? Analyze the
financial statements and make recommendations for the future of the company based on
the information found on the financial statements.
Paper Formatting: Papers are to be formatted as follows:
 Typed
 12 point font
 Double spaced
 Title page attached with students name and company you chose. (the title page
does not count as part of the total word count)
 Headings on each section (Introduction, conclusion, etc.)
 Page numbers
 Papers must be turned in to the correct assignment box located on CANVAS.
Professor’s computer and CSN computers use MS Word. To ensure professor can
open paper use MS Word Document.
 Works sited. (Works sited does not count as part of the required word count). List
all website you used on a separate works sited page. Site all work you use in the
body of the paper.
Paper Due Date: Review the syllabus for specific due date. Papers can be turned in early
if student is concerned about meeting the deadline. NO LATE PAPERS ARE
Grading scale: A grading scale for the paper is attached to this assignment. Students
will be graded on spelling and grammar in their papers. Minor spelling errors and
grammar errors will be accepted, but poorly written or grammatically incorrect papers
will lose points. Students may visit the CSN writing center for writing help.
The Writing Center is located in the C building room 112 on the West Charleston
Campus. Phone number: 702-651-7402. The Writing Center provides free assistance
with all aspects of paper writing.
Financial Paper Tips:
 Make FINANCIAL recommendations based on what is present in the financial
statements. Examples:
o Cutting expense based on……………….
o Generating more leverage because of……………..
o Paying off long-term debt because………………….
 Make sure you talk about EACH financial statement
 Make sure you make your own personal viewpoint! What do you think?
 Make sure you present a clear understanding of the financial statements. It is very
easy to see if the student truly understands the financial statements based on what
they write about them.
 This must be your own personal writing. Do not copy statics or analytics from
various website. Site all websites used.
 Plagiarism receives a zero grade. Visit the writing center if you need assistance.



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