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Procedure: Common laboratory equipment: Use the figure below to recognize gradua



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Common laboratory equipment:
Use the figure below to recognize graduated cylinders, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, and the different types of pipettes. Some of these objects are made of glass; some plastic. Some will be calibrated in milliliters and liters; others will not. (“Graduated” means the container is marked with volume increments.)
Figure A 3 Apparati commonly used to measure volume: (a) pipette filling device,   (b) pipette safety bulb,
(c) Pasteur pipette and bulb,
(d) Erlenmeyer flask,
(e) glass graduated cylinder,
(f) plastic graduated cylinder,  
(g) plastic dropping pipette,  
(h) beaker, (ik) graduated pipettes.
Length is the measurement of a real or imaginary line extending from one point to another. The standard unit is the meter, and the most commonly used related units of length are
For orientation purposes, the yolk of a chicken egg is about 3 cm in diameter. Since the difference between metric units is based on multiples of 10, it’s fairly easy to convert a measurement in one unit to another. Now we are ready to perform metric conversions.  We will do this by multiplying the given value by one or more conversion factors to get the value in the desired units.  Doing an example best shows this:
1. Try the following conversions:
a)  5 mm = ______m b)  5.5 m = ______ µm c)  9 km = _______nm
2. Measure the length of a page in centimeters to the nearest tenth of a centimeter with the metric edge of a ruler. Note that nine lines divide the space between each centimeter into 10 millimeters.
The page is ____27.5____ cm long.
Calculate the length of this page in millimeters, meters   and kilometers.
________________mm            ______________m    _____________ km
Now repeat the above measurement using the English side of the ruler. Measure the
length of this page in inches.
____11.5____in.    Convert your answer to feet and then yards.
_________________ ft           _____________ yds
Explain why it is much easier to convert units of length in the metric system than in the English
System   _____________________________________________________________________
Practice conversions
Make the following metric conversions:
1. 1 meter = __________ centimeters = __________ millimeters
2. 56.2 millimeters = __________ meters = __________ centimeters
3. 13 kilometers = __________ meters = __________ decimeters
4. 16 ml = __________ µl
5. 7 g = __________ mg
6. 9 µl = __________ L
7. 32.5 mm = __________ nm
8. 400 ml = __________ L
9. 2 kg = __________ mg
10. 11.82 g = __________ kg 
Go to the following websites to practice measurement. At the end of each exercise, take a screen shot and include the screen shots below in this document:
Different objects were weighed for you. Your job is to read the scale and enter the correct weight. To read a triple beam balance scale, you need to set and total three separate sliders that each indicate different weight units, such as 100 grams, 10 grams and single grams. Total the amounts shown by the three sliders. If the front slider is between two marks, estimate where it’s pointing. For example, if the middle slider is in the 200-gram notch, the rear slider is in the 10-gram notch and the front slider is halfway between the 2-gram and 3-gram notches, you would total 200 grams plus 10 grams plus 2.5 to get 212.5 grams. The total of the three numbers is the weight of the object.
After you determine the mass, use the numbers 0-9 right under the answer box to enter your answer. For example, when hundreds box is selected (red lined), click on the number 2 for the above example. Then select tens box and click on 1 and so on. After entering your measurement, click on “Check” it will move on to the next object that is weighted and you need to read the next one until you enter the weight of a total of 10 different objects.
You can watch this to learn how to use a graduated cylinder:



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