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Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to choose a topic that will be relevant t

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Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to choose a topic that will be relevant to your immediate audience, and argue a policy claim based on that topic. A policy claim means you will argue that something should or should not be done (you must use this wording in your claim!). You may argue about a law, or the policy of some organization (“OSU should not require freshmen students to live on-campus”), or you can argue for a policy change on a personal level (“We should all take a multivitamin every day”). Please argue for some change from the status quo (current situation).
Specific Requirements:
Choose a topic that will be interesting to your audience, and one that you care about too. Decide on your specific policy claim, then develop 2 – 5 main points about the topic for the speech Body (try to guess how the audience likely feels about your argument, then go from there). Choose the strongest aspects of your argument to present!
Must have a solid Introduction and Conclusion, with all 4 parts of each (unless using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence). Clearly state your claim somewhere at the beginning of the speech. The Call to Action at the end should be specific, strong, and clear – what should we do?
Bolster your ideas using supporting materials (see chapter 8). A minimum of 5 credible sources must be cited in your outline, on the Works Cited page, and orally during the speech. Please use MLA or APA style citations (see the OWL Purdue website for citation help; may also use online citation generators like or, etc.).
Should demonstrate an approach that is specifically tailored to your immediate audience. Make sure to relate your topic to your audience throughout the speech. If you connect your argument to the audience well, they will understand why they should care, listen, and hopefully act!
Must submit a typed outline, via email or Canvas, when you submit your speech (25 points). Please use the Persuasive templates provided and modify to fit your argument! Make sure to include a Works Cited/Bibliography page as the last page of the document.
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Outline Template Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Outline Template
Problem-Solution Outline Template Problem-Solution Outline Template
Refutation Outline Template Refutation Outline Template
Make note cards based off your outline to present from. Put all major ideas on the cards to help guide you through the speech. Make sure to include all source citations, so your audience knows where your outside information comes from. You may also include delivery or visual aid reminders (“flip to slide 4” or “smile here,” etc.). After practicing the speech, revise your note cards if needed.
You will lose points if you are over or under the safe time window (4:30 – 7:30). At 6:31 you would lose 5% of the delivery grade; if you went on to 8:01 you would lose another 5%. This continues up or down by 30 second segments.
Carefully plan what kind of visual aid you will use, and when and how you will use it during the speech. You may use a simple object like you did for the Self-Introduction Speech, or you may use a PowerPoint or show a video clip, demonstrate something, etc. (see chapter 14). You may use multiple visual aids if you want! The visuals here should be persuasive in some way if possible…
Practice the entire presentation, all together, as many times as possible, and be sure to time yourself. Make sure to account for your visual aid – are you showing a video clip that will take 30 seconds of the speech? Will it take you some time to explain something on a graph?
Appropriate attire and appearance are required for this speech – think business casual. As a professional rule, a speaker should be dressed a little better than their audience.
Acceptable Sources Unacceptable Sources
Books (print or web) 1.,,, etc.
Journal articles (print or web) 2. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia
Newspaper articles (print or web) 3. Blogs
Websites ending in .edu or .gov 4. Interviews by you without transcriipts
OSU databases 5. Yourself from previous academic work!
Interviews done by you (with transcriipt)
TED Talks
Audience & Filming Requirements:
You will record your informative speech and submit it here on the discussion board.
For the 25 points for the audience requirement, you need to watch and review 5 other speeches and offer the following – Was the speech persuasive?
What was so persuasive about the speech? If it wasnt persuasive, how could they improve the speech?
Did they have a good call to action/request for audience response? Why/Why not?



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