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Read Chapters 11 – 24 of Frankenstein and create an argument on any aspect of th

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Read Chapters 11 – 24 of Frankenstein and create an argument on any aspect of the novel other than what was discussed in the previous assignment (by you or other students). Your post has to be structured according to the model introduced in the ARGUMENT and ESSAY handouts, and written in three paragraphs: introduction, followed by two paragraphs (one for each side of the argument). The submission should be at least 350 words and include suitable evidence.
start with a guiding question;
the introduction must state your argument;
include quotations from the assigned text;
have a three-paragraph structure.
Below is a sample based on another text:
Every essay has to start with an introduction that a) begins with a guiding question, b) clearly establishes the work(s) you will discuss and c) states your argument. You should not attempt to prove your argument in the introduction — just introduce it. I highlighted the argument in the following example:
Ovid’s version of the myth of Narcissus raises the question whether Narcissus actually loved himself. A superficial reading of Ovid ’ s story about Narcissus suggests that the young man was an exceptionally self-absorbed character. What we are inclined to notice by the end of the story is that Narcissus was so in love with himself that he drowned while trying to embrace his reflection in the water. Interestingly enough, however, Ovid ’ s version of the myth actually implies that Narcissus never loved himself. In fact Ovid suggests that Narcissus often exhibited signs of hatred toward himself .
Paragraph 2
In this part of the essay, you have to explain why someone can disagree with your argument. Since you mentioned in the introduction that some readers might think that Narcissus was “an exceptionally self-absorbed character,” you have to explain why you think some readers are likely to make that assumption.
On the surface, Narcissus indeed seems to be a self-loving character. Thus. . . .[examples and evidence follow. . .]
Paragraph 3
In this part, you have to prove your side of the argument. Since your introduction states that “Ovid ’ s version of the myth . . . implies that Narcissus never loved himself,” this part allows you to demonstrate that. This part is usually the longest. Example:
A closer look, however, reveals that Narcissus never expressed love for himself. . .[examples and evidence follow. . .]



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