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Research Paper For this writing project you must write a paper on a topic of you

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Research Paper
For this writing project you must write a paper on a topic of your choice selected from your textbook chapters 13, 14, or 15. Organize the paper in a three-part essay format: introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. The project is assessed for identifying, defining, and applying sociological ideas/concepts in a clear language and logical order, and mechanics such as clear question and thesis statement, coherence, smooth transitions from one thought to another, citations, and a reference page.
Suggested Sources:
Find published or broadcasted sources about the topic from POPULAR NEWS. The suggested sources are New York Times; International Herald Tribune; Washington Post; or broadcast networks like NPR, NBC, CNN, and etc. This is a good way of summarizing the topic. Note that these sources are vignettes for observation of the problem. The argument or the vignette must be supported with scientific/scholarly facts.
Utilize sociological ideas (like concepts, theoretical perspectives, statistics, social policies) to explain or relate it to the problem/vignette. These are your SCHOLARLY SOURCES and can include academic textbooks, journal articles, and governmental websites.
Note: the sources for your research topics should be less than five years. In using edited books be cautious because the chapters may be outdated. Your textbook is a good scholarly source.
Other Expectations:
Underline the research question and the thesis statement.
Apply One sociology idea (terms/concepts, theories and statistics) with definitions and examples.
Include IN-TEXT citations and QUOTES from the scholarly, and non-academic sources to illustrate the points you make. Quote and cite if using author’s word. Cite if using author’s ideas. Use APA citation style.
Prepare a APA REFERENCE page of at least 2 different types of resources. Examples are scholarly (your textbook, research journal articles) and non-scholarly (popular news media, interviews, real life/fiction experiences, observation sites) sources.
The length of this paper should not exceed 1-and-½ pages.
Paper should not be merely a book report or summary. Instead, it should include your own insights and arguments supported by scholarly and non-academic popular news media examples in a logical manner and college quality.
Written project and papers should be standard 12 font, double-spaced with standard margins, that is, 1” top/bottom, 1.25”sides.
Have fun.



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