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response to 3 peers Junior Sagaille: Doordash COLLAPSE In this article, San Fra

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response to 3 peers
Junior Sagaille:
In this article, San Francisco city attorney David Chiu mentioned that an estimate of 5.1 million dollars will send to almost 4500 Doordash workers. All those workers worked in San Francisco from 2016 to 2020. The city found that Doordash was violating the San Francisco health and paid sick leave. This is because Doordash hires the workers as independent contractors instead of employees. After media reported that Doordash takes customers’ tips to pay workers’ initial payment. The city open an investigation on that; they found out Doordash was wrong. Doordash accepts to pay 5.1 million dollars to the workers and they see that as a great opportunity for their business.
Jonatan Cintron:
Is their a deficit in inventory among retailers?
Is that time of the year again. Consumers are eager to spend money. Travel to be with their families: most importantly share with them through the joy of giving. Retailers are either ready to capitalize or lose out on this season’s revenue. Chains from Gap Inc to Nordstorm say they won’t be able to profit on heightened demand this holiday. While others are lurking around eagerly to rack up. The reality is that theirs an inventory shortage that will not meet the demands of the consumers. While in the other hand the consumers are very confident and ready to blow money this season.
Wall Street has bearly left retailers. Since Nov. 12, a broad S&P 500 retail index has advanced 2.5%, showing in part the outlook for strong consumer spending. Year-to-date, the index is up 25%, the same as the S&P 500 overall. So, it’s not all bad. Fedex is looking forward to a 10 % increase in their packages. The demand doesn’t appear poised for a slowdown during this holiday season.
Frank Tupacyupanqui:
CVS Closing 900 Retail Stores Starting in 2022
CVS one of the biggest pharmacy/retail store is expected to close 900 stores in the U.S with a 3 year time frame.CVS has seen many changes in customer shopping and its adjusting to the need of the consumer. Its goals is to reduce the size by closing old large stores and making small hub location. The hub will consist of a stronger approach to servicing health and pharmacy service . CVS will also readjust employees where they will continue to work rather than being laid off. CVS closing 900 retail stores starting in 2022 the structure and plans of CVS is due to competitive prices and on line e-business companies. CVS will also provide home service to anyone who submits prescriiptions in there stores in a time matter and in less than 24 hrs within ordering. I believe CVS is adjusting to the need of the customer while holding all employees at once. This is such a great plan and wish all companies do this



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