Start your response by summarizing the part of furedi’s ideas you want to use.

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Furedi – Using a Reading as a Lens

Getting Started

Begin by reviewing the “Integrating Quotations” and “Citation Sandwitch” pages in this week’s Module. Re-read Furedi’s chapter. Select some aspect of Furedi’s thinking to consider further through your own example (or context). This can be a personal situation/context that you use to pose a question to Furedi’s main argument.

Start your response by summarizing the part of Furedi’s ideas you want to use. Keep in mind that you are writing this response for an audience of general readers. Therefore, you’ll need to introduce the text fully and fairly/accurately summarize the key idea you want to highlight for your own use (in your own words). Along the way, you can integrate key quotes from Furedi to help clarify and support your own summary.

Using a Reading as a Lens

After your summary, respond to the idea/concept you’ve highlighted with your own thinking. Apply the idea or concept you’ve highlighted from Furedi to a health or drug ad. This example will most likely be something which you are already familiar with, since you have likely come across many ads for drugs or other health products such as supplements, yet it calls for “analysis” in some way (it’s interesting, strange, curious, puzzling, significant, etc.)

Your aim is to explore how Furedi’s ideas might extend to another subject or context beyond the examples he uses.

Your goal, as you write, is to think with Furedi and add to the intellectual conversation he has started. Strong responses here will offer rich analysis, engagement with the source, and a developed discussion considering the implications of what you are thinking about.

The purpose for this response is two-fold:

1). to apply the strategies for working with sources, outlined in the “citation sandwich” materials (on Canvas), by summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting some aspect of Furedi’s text to introduce an idea or theory to your readers.

2). to add to the conversation applying this theory/idea brought up by Furedi to an example of your own (using the reading as a “lens” to examine something else not mentioned by Furedi)

Tips for your summary and analysis


Remember to focus in on one aspect of Furedi’s thinking. Don’t try to summarize the entire chapter.
Be neutral. Don’t criticize, agree or disagree with either the author’s viewpoint or the content of the chapter as you summarize. Your readers should get a sense of Furedi’s text without having to go read it themselves. (As your response develops, it should be clear what Furedi’s thinking is andwhat you are adding to the discussion from your own thinking and analysis.)
Use mostly your own words as you write the summary – just like you are telling someone about the text. When you need to bring in specific, brief phrases or words from the text, put them in quotation marks. Try to integrate the quote smoothly using the “citation sandwich” move.
With any and all quotations, include the page number(s) in parentheses to tell readers where the quote appears in the original text.
Be sure to write about the text in the present tense/active voice. Example: “Furedi argues/maintains/suggests…”


Be sure to describe the ad before you integrate Furedi’s idea. What stood out to you about the ad? Is it selling a drug or supplement? Make the product clear. Then move into the connection between the connotations of the ad and the point Furedi is making with the specific quote you highlighted in the summary.

Assignment Requirements:

Your response should follow the directions outlined above. Be sure to cover all of the moves as described in the “citation sandwich” handout on Canvas. Likewise, your response should demonstrate careful reading of the texts and offer a discussion that moves beyond snap judgment, stating political opinions, and like/dislike reactions.

Your essay should be a minimum of 750 words. It should be 12 pt font and in Times New Roman. Please double space your document and include the word count at the end.



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