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SWK 665 Leadership & Supervision: Key Assignment Instructions This assignment i

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SWK 665 Leadership & Supervision:
Key Assignment Instructions
This assignment is worth 55
The assignment is designed to
provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate the integration of skills and
knowledge gained through course content and activities. The course teaches to
several of the CSWE Competencies, but primary focus is given to Competency 1:
Demonstrate ethical and Professional Behavior and Competency 6: Engage with
individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. This assignment
integrates social work values and ethics with trauma informed reflective
supervision and leadership skills within the context of an ethical dilemma.
To successfully complete the assignment,
you will use a revised version of the Ethical Framework covered in Barsky’s
textbook as well as integrate the trauma informed reflective supervision
content from the assigned articles/workbook/handouts and the Northouse
As you think
about ways to integrate trauma informed practice in the assignment, consider the
trauma informed principles of 1) safety, 2) trust and transparency, 3)
collaboration and mutuality, 4) empowerment, 5) voice and choice, and 6) peer
support. Also think about cultural,
historical and gender-related issues. These components are all closely linked to
leadership and supervision.
The assignment
requires you to integrate leadership and supervision skills. Refer back to the Northouse textbook. REREAD THE BARSKY TEXT, PAGES 269-309
BEFORE STARTING ASSIGNMENT. These readings walk you through each of the
stage of the framework and explain what information to include. Additional
suggested readings are provided throughout the instructions, but do not limit
your discussion to only these sources of knowledge.
For this
assignment, you are given a specific ethical scenario. Use the provided ethical scenario, the NASW
Code of Ethics, and applicable laws for your state of residence and all course
readings/resources to answer the assignment questions. Obviously, this
assignment requires citation of sources that support the knowledge you use, so
use APA formatting.
write in essay format, using appropriate headings showing each of the 5 stages
and subheadings for the related discussion for each stage. An
outline is provided for you following these instructions. Prepare the assignment using a title page,
introduction, body of work using the outline, conclusion, and references. Prepare the assignment as a stand alone
document, so the reader does not need to know the questions to understand what
you write (discuss the topics fully rather than answering each question). The paper is to use Times New Roman 12 point
font, 1 inch margins, and double spacing.
The assignment requires a minimum of 7 pages and a maximum of 10 pages
(not including the title page or reference page(s)) to thoroughly address each
prompt within the assignment.
Use a minimum
of 6 scholarly resources to support your paper; however, use references
wherever needed to properly credit authors for their work that you use. Each section of the assignment should have
resources to support your answers/discussions. Two of these resources must
be peer reviewed scholarly journal articles outside of the sources provided
within the course. Full text versions of the articles must be available through
the university’s online library database or online.
Use the most recent version of
the NASW (2021) Code of Ethics and cite it correctly. When you use its contents, be very specific.
Many of the codes have several subsections. For example, 1.07 Privacy and
Confidentiality has 23 different subsections. Each one addresses a different
aspect of 1.07. When you identify the applicable code, ensure that you are
identifying the specific subsection that applies. Make sure you thoroughly read
the sections.
Read through the outline carefully
and ensure you discuss all components in the correct section of your paper. Provide
justification/evidence to support your claim (which requires citation).
NO direct quotes can be
used. Please paraphrase and cite accordingly.



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