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Test #1 – December 1, 2021 – 20% of course grade – four questions 5 marks each.

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Test #1 – December 1, 2021 – 20% of course grade – four questions 5 marks each.
Your answers need to draw directly from course lectures, readings, tutorial discussions, films, and word files uploaded to our class website in order to create a full answer. An estimated length of this test is 12 to 16 pages double-spaced 12-point font. Be sure to underline and define all the concepts that you cite in your answers.
1) does our course define imperialism? What is the difference between “imperialism” and “empire”? List some of the main concepts from our readings that help explain these systems of power.
2) What is the origin of the concept of “race” in the West? Elaborate in detail by drawing on course materials. Identify and describe some of the other forms of prejudicial discrimination discussed in our course?
3) How is war and violence connected to imperialism? List and discuss some of the atrocities associated with warfare as presented in our readings and film.
4) How is economics understood as a significant force in global society? How does consumerism compel individuals to participate in globalization and imperialism?
Just answer the question dont put an intro or anything
Say according to blank author and say theory etc dont copy and paste from notes just put it in ur own words
Example; what is globalization and what is its relationship to neoliberalism today second part is more your own viewpoint but drawing on theories from readings and lecture
No need for reference page or in text just mention who said it
Name tutorial number and student number
First topic; imperialism; draw on step 15 parenti, spt 22 harvey, sept 29 reading by heart and negri and gordon
Origins of race; oct 6 and fagon
War and global economy ; sept 15 parenti some stuff, oct 27 readings, november 3rd reading,
Globalization; october 20, claurio paper, november 10 and claudio other paper
Consumerism ; more in second sem but mentioned in the last readings
Create 4 pages and take every relevant note from those readings and lectures if anything is unclear after prof notes pull notes from there and put notes into ur own words so it’s easier to copy and paste into main paper
Put notes in subheadings so u are able to divide it up
Global extension of neoliberal ideals to allow for wealth to be generated on a larger scale ; free market competition happens on a global scale
The problems of the world are complex so let us outline a consolation of points to help us understand it in its complexity; ie constellation thinking
Demonstrate knowledge of the course materials
Have to cite course materials
Imperialism; talk about empire, globalisation, consumerism global economy
racism; and discriminaiton fagan reading different forms of discirmination on race gender etc
global economy; war neoliberalism etc or could be imperialism



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