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Graded Project: PowerProject Company Project
You need to include the following files with your submission to the school: the PowerProject HTML web page (.html extension), the external CSS style sheet (.css extension), and all images mentioned in the web page.

Each project is individually graded by your instructor and therefore takes up to a few weeks to grade.

Be sure that each of your three files contains the following information:

Your name
Your student ID number
The lesson name
Your email address
Be sure to keep a backup copy of any files you submit to the school.

In this graded assignment, you’ll incorporate all the aspects of HTML coding you’ve learned in Lesson 3. To help you with this assignment, review the following examples and pages from your text:

Color example: Pages 259–260
Text example: Pages 295–296
Box example: Pages 325–326
Lists, tables, and forms example: Pages 353–354
Layout example: Pages 399–400
Images example: Pages 423–424
An image of the PowerProject logo

PowerProject Logo
The PowerProject tool company is one of the leaders in power tools for the average handyman and homeowner. The company recently hired you to develop a page on its website for its new line of cordless chainsaws, leaf blowers, pole saws, and lawnmowers. You must create a web page for this line of tools known as the KLE550 series that uses 45V lithium-ion batteries. Download the following files:

Overview and features of the KLE550 series of tools
Image files and logo displaying the logo for the new tool series
PowerProject.jpg, an image of the PowerProject tool company logo
You can also supplement these files with any other resources you have. You’re responsible for the content and appearance of the page.

To complete this task:

Create an XHTML file named PowerProjectKLE500.htm.
In the head element, include the appropriate page title along with a comment that describes the purpose and content of the page, your name, and the date.
Include or demonstrate at least one example of each of the following in the document:
Different colors of text boxes and backgrounds with appropriate contrast
Two different styles of text
Box with one of the following attributes:
Border image
Rounded corners
Table with appropriate cell margins and spacing
Bulleted list with one or more point styles from pages 333–334
Form with all the following attributes:
Text input (size appropriately)
Text area
Select box
Radio buttons
Demonstrate your understanding of creating a list, table, or form.
Use proper XHTML and CSS syntax at all times.
Write your code and comments so that it will be easy to understand and read.
After completing the page, validate your code using the XHTML validator at http://validator.w3.org/.
Save your XHTML file and then view the resulting page in a browser.
Submit your completed project.
Your file must have an appropriate layout to make it easy for viewers to find what they’re looking for. Refer to Chapter 15 and the layout example code on pages 399–400. When creating this file, refer to Chapters 10–16 of your textbook for examples.

Grading Criteria
The following rubric will be used to grade your project:

Criteria Possible Points
Appropriate head element information 10
Box and background color variation 10
Two text styles 10
Box designed using one of the following attributes: border image, shadow, or rounded corners 10
Appropriate table margins and spacing 10
Point style for bullets 10
Form with all the following attributes:
• Text input (sized appropriately)
• Password
• Text area
• Select box
• Radio buttons
• Checkboxes 10
Proper use of XHTML and CSS coding 10
Easy to understand code and comments 10
Validated code from XHTML coder 10
Total 100



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