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There is multiple essays below each must answer all the questions based on the d

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There is multiple essays below each must answer all the questions based on the discussion topic. Must be well rounded and in depth. Needs sources to back up the answer to questions.
Essay 1 Strategy Key Questions(APA Format)
Amazon is an online discount retailer that has successfully entered other businesses, such as electronic devices with the Kindle, Kindle Fire, and Echo as well Amazon Web Services. Read what you can about Amazon’s entry into these new businesses, and try to explain:
1. why you think they chose to compete in those markets,
2. their unique value is in those markets—why do they win with customers;
3. what resources and capabilities did they possess that they were able to utilize to succeed in the new markets; and what new capabilities did they need to develop; and
4. what makes it hard for competitors to imitate their offerings.
Essay 2 strategy success (APA Format) There are two attachments for this essay
Using the following questions about a company’s strategy, and using what we have learned so far about the firm, its external environment, internal environment, industry, and all the relevant materials we have covered, and the materials in the article attached and pick a company of the following: Tesla, Apple, Netflix, or Nike and discuss how the company has been able to address the issue of alignment between its internal differentiating capabilities and external positioning, how it decided what to do, and why (since they believe that’s what they best do), and how has the firm been able to maintain (if it indeed has been successfully maintaining it), and what are your thoughts on the following issues
a. Walmart success is attributed to an outstanding value chain management, what do you think? (remember to use the value chain materials in the chapters)…hint (value chain efficiency and effective use of resources help minimizes wastes and improve the firm’s margin of freedom to lower prices…….remember what their logo is: lower prices every day…….Now its your turn to discuss in details….
b. Apple use of external opportunities without compromising quality and differntiation. hint (outsourcing, supply chain, ..etc). c. AirBnB use of new macro-level tools. Hint (use of internet-based technology) to create new business models….similar to Uber, right? what do you think? How is this relevant to coherence….(remember the customers, technology are both important to firm’s success, now think of what is more convenient to customers, what is easier for them, and what is cheaper for them)…



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