These should be organized and formatted per apa 7th edition style guidelines.

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Below are the instructions.
For this assignment, you will prepare a full research proposal, which will include an edited version of Literacy #2 assignment plus a method section that includes a detailed account of your proposed participants and recruitment process, measures and materials, and procedures. Your methods should serve to directly answer your proposed research question. Your paper should be formatted using APA 7th edition guidelines with a title page and should be a maximum of 11 pages (double-spaced, with font and margins in accordance with APA standards– or your CA/Instructor will ‘convert’ to same and then judge your paper’s length). Note this length maximum does not include your title page or references.

This assignment should synthesize the current literature, provide justification for your research investigation, and provide an ethically sound (and, ideally, entirely feasible, in terms of budget and time) methodological approach.

The following areas are required. It is also required that you use these very headings (e.g., “Problem Statement”) and sub-headings (e.g., “Participants and Recruitment”) in your paper (see the rubric below these instructions for additional details):

Title Page: An APA Student Paper title page. Refer to section 2.3 and Figure 2.2 of the APA Publication Manual 7th edition for more details.
Abstract: A brief summary (not more than 250 words) of the main points of your research proposal. See section 2.9 of the APA Publication Manual, 7th edition for more details.
*Problem Statement: Describe your general topic and its relevance to real-world issues. This section provides general background for your topic and highlights the need for further experimentation. Minimum of 1 Paragraph
*Literature Review: Summarize the existing literature and its findings. It provides the background and context for the proposed research study and alerts the reader to the key concepts in the research area. The primary goal of a critical literature review is to establish the groundwork necessary to justify pursuing a research question. Think of it as telling the reader a story about your topic, highlighting what has come previously in the research literature in a logical fashion and smoothly connecting to your research proposal. Remember, there must be a logical connection between the critical literature review and your proposed research question. The literature review is also used to point out methodological and conceptual issues. You are to describe the type of research designs, the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches, and the appropriateness of the statistical analyses used to address the reviewed articles’ research questions. Your review should discuss: (a) study design, (b) purpose, (c) sample size and characteristics, (d) key findings/arguments and important interpretations, and (e) any noted methodological strengths or weaknesses. 5-6 paragraphs
*Gap(s) in the Literature: Next, identify what remains unknown in your topic that provides justification/rationale for your own study. This is a detailed discussion of the purpose for your proposed study. Begin this section with the strengths of the research you have reviewed. Then, discuss the weaknesses and the gap in the research that you are going to address through your proposed study. This gap should clearly follow from the research reviewed and should be related to the methodological weaknesses you have identified. Minimum of 1 Paragraph
*Research Question, Variables, and Hypotheses: In the previous sections you built a strong foundation for what has previously been studied and what gaps exist. In this section, you will present the research question you are proposing be studied. The research question must incorporate the Independent Variable and Dependent Variable (it may also indicate the target population, if unique). Next, state your null hypothesis, your research/alternative hypothesis, and your specific prediction. Clearly state whether you would employ a correlational, quasi-experimental, or experimental design. Lastly, describe the IV and DV you are proposing to be used. 1-2 Paragraphs
Methods: This section should outline your intended research design, sample characteristics, procedures, and planned data analyses. Your method should be linked to your research question and hypotheses, and should be justified based on past literature. Pay close attention to creating original work in this section. If you end up mirroring any portion of past studies, make sure to appropriate cite those sources. Methods should be clear enough that any other scientist in the field could replicate your study. The following subsections are required:
Participants and Recruitment: Describe the potential participants in enough detail that your sample is easy to visualize. Describe how you will go about recruiting the participants, and how many you will need and why. Consider where you will find your participants and any advertisements you may use to help aid with recruitment efforts. Make sure to identify how the studies aligned with the APA principles and standards for conducting research with human subjects. Minimum of 2 Paragraphs
Measures and Materials: Describe the measure(s) you propose using. Note these should help you operationalize your independent and/or dependent variable(s). Explain the types of questions contained in each measure to demonstrate construct validity, and clarify the response options and procedures for scoring the instrument. Include the method of measurement that will be used (e.g., self-report questionnaire, behavioral observation rating, eye tracking). You must have a clear explanation of how the measurement attained reliability and validity. Include any additional materials that may be needed to complete the requirements of the study, or laboratory configurations if you are conducting an experiment. 1-2 Paragraphs
Procedures: Explain in detail how you would go about conducting the study. Explain what happens to participants in the study, and what they will do. Examples of information to be described in this section would be how the manipulation or survey, if applicable, would be administered. 1-2 Paragraphs
References Page: You are required to have a minimum of six scholarly, peer-reviewed reference citations. These should be organized and formatted per APA 7th edition style guidelines. See Chapter 9 of the APA Publication Manual 7th edition for more details.
Notes: For the areas denoted with an asterisk (*) above, it is expected that you incorporate feedback from your Literacy #2 assignment and improve this portion of your paper. It is not okay to simply copy/paste your entire previous paper and resubmit without making any changes. You are encouraged to start early and reach out to the Psychology Online Writing Center (POW-C) for additional support with writing, paper organization, and APA formatting.



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