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This is a case study that needs to follow a certain format. It MUST be typed int

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This is a case study that needs to follow a certain format. It MUST be typed into the form that is attached.
First, it needs to have a primary diagnosis, then followed by 3 differential diagnosis.
Differential Diagnoses: Primary Diagnoses should be Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Based on data collected briefly discuss 3 Differential Diagnoses for your patient for the Primary Diagnosis. Include ICD10 Codes (cite Make sure to add all ICD10 codes, and all references needs to be scholarly, from 2021, this is master level.
Differential diagnosis:
1. Hypertension (refer to pt’s BP)
2. Hyperlipidemia (refer to the labs, in particular HDL-C 50 mg/dL, Total-C 244 mg/dL
Triglycerides 205 mg/dL)
3. Obesity (refer to pt’s weight)
* You need to add the Pertinent Positives and Pertinent Negatives
* You need to add the patho and labs for each diagnosis along with code
*Based on the current CPG information what lab tests do you need to order and why. *Provide an explanation in your own words for each lab test you order for your patient. Number each test. (1, 2, 3, etc). Cite 2021 CPG (Clinical Care Guidelines) and/or 2021 scholarly provider journal articles.
* Medication Orders
Based on your findings & lab orders does your patient need medications? Write out each medication in RX format and number each medication #1, #2, #3, #4, etc. Provide an explanation as to why the patient needs each medication. Cite current 2021 CPG, PDR Reference Guide, or scholarly 2021 provider journal article.
*Foundation for medication orders:
*Personalized Patient Education: Explain these areas to your patient in your own words, laymen’s terms as an NP provider. Cite a current scholarly CPG or current scholarly provider reference for each area of education. Link the diagnosis to the education.
*Referrals & Consults: Does your patient needs any referrals or consults for specialty practice? Include the reasoning for referring the patient. Number each referral. Cite Current 2021 CPG or 2021 scholarly reference.
*When do you want your patient to return for follow up & why: Include exact time frame (1 week, 1 month). What is the foundation for this office visit?
Assessment of comorbidities for your patient (Cite current 2021 CPG)
*Medication Costs
Calculate your patients Medication Costs using Pharmacy Checker using your zip code (write paragraph format). Write a summary statement about the patients medications, include polypharmacy concerns.
*NP Student Experience (Summarize your NP provider experience with your patient in your own words)
*References (APA 7th Edition)



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