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This is an ongoing assignment regarding organizational change and why its needed

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This is an ongoing assignment regarding organizational change and why its needed at my local university (Kentucky Wesleyan College). Components for this assignment: Fullan suggests that successful change initiatives require the leader to understand the dynamics of both the individual and the organization’s capacity to change. The guidelines for successful change (p. 46-52) provide the leader with 6 key ideas. Choose three (3) of these ideas. In your opening paragraph of the paper (which in APA format is the main body of the paper), identify the three you will discuss. Use subheadings to identify each one. For each subheading, a) explain the element in your own words, and b) describe a change initiative in which you have been involved that may or may not have utilized any of these ideas in bringing about change. Close the paper with 1-2 paragraphs about what you have concluded about organizational change from your readings and analysis.
Be sure to read the rubric before you begin this draft. Note that both the text and outside references that you will locate and read yourself are required to earn full points. A doctoral student should begin to look at other sources than a text and this will acquaint you with doing this. Using the key words of Fullan for the element in a search engine you choose, use scholarly resources and find others who have argued the same idea or the opposite. In addition to the text, incorporate 4 or more resources you have selected.
Assignment should be 3-5 pages in length, not including the CUC cover sheet, title page, or list of references. APA format and style is required. You may reference the required readings, supplemental texts listed in this syllabus, or any relevant scholarly sources (10 points). See the Essay Rubric.
The textbook used for this class is Fullan, M. (2016). The new meaning of educational change (5th ed.). Teachers College Press. I have attached the book pages needed for this assignment, course powerpoints, supplemental readings, as well as discussion posts written by me for your reference and use. Make sure to fully review theses documents before starting on this assignment.
The change that should be included: An initiative known as the “Pillars to Change” has begun at Kentucky Wesleyan College to potentially improve student retention and graduation rates by promoting higher education and a greater sense of community through improved student experience. The addition of a student recreation center and significant improvements to the already established career center, such as adding test prep workshops, job fairs, and guest lecturers from graduate schools are two key projects within this initiative that align with the college’s overall mission statement and promote these intended outcomes. This need is supported by the staggering 36% graduation rate currently held at KWC compared to 68% found at the neighboring University of Evansville. A key difference in these schools is the missing recreation center at KWC , along with subpar career preparation resources, that can be found in Evansville. Furthermore, only 69% of students at KWC returned after the first year compared to 85% at the University of Evansville (College Scorecard, 2021).
College Scorecard. (2021, January 21). U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard.



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