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This week, in our Kinesiology Unit 2 discussion, you will be using the informati



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This week, in our Kinesiology Unit 2 discussion, you will be using the information that you observe from the following ICE Videos to discuss kinesiology and range of motion:
Radial Fracture, Part 1: Initial Assessment Begins
Radial Fracture, Part 2: Initial Observations
Radial Fracture, Part 3: Measuring ROM
Radial Fracture, Part 5: Measuring Hand Strength
To find the ICE you go to the ICE Learning Center – Video Library website:
Click on Log In (button about 1/3 way down the page on right side), then scroll down to choose Muskingum University
Then log in with the access code: for assigned writer
Once you are in the ICE video library you can search by the video titles listed above.
Here’s a template to use as you answer the discussion prompts for this Unit: HLSC615_Unit2_AROM_Discussion_Template.docx HLSC615_Unit2_AROM_Discussion_Template.docx – Alternative Formats
These videos demonstrate a largely bottom up approach to OT assessment. This Zoom Discussion will require you to apply the materials that you are reviewing regarding kinesiology and range of motion of the human body. Based on the client’s range of motion demonstrated and measured by the occupational therapist in the ICE Videos, what active range of motion deficits are present? Hint: List all of the joints assessed, including each active movement measured, then record the client’s AROM performed and the “normative values” or average motion available for typical individuals for each motion. Determine the difference between the two values to identify deficits for each joint AROM. The client reported to the instructor that she is 53 years old. Based on the client’s grip and pinch strength demonstrated through the dynamometer and pinch gauge testing by the occupational therapist, what muscle strength deficits are present? Consider deficits based on within functional limits (WFL) and within normal limits (WNL). What other manual muscle tests (MMTs) are indicated for this client based on your observations of her performance in the video? NOTE: Be prepared to demonstrate these MMTs during our Unit 2 Zoom meeting discussion this week.
Here’s a PDF of the Norms for Grip and Pinch Strength (as well as Fine and Gross Motor Coordination tests) to use as you answer this question: Grip_Pinch_Strength_&_Coordination_Norms.pdf Grip_Pinch_Strength_&_Coordination_Norms.pdf – Alternative Formats What other deficits are present based on your observations of the client in the three videos?
Based on the observation and analysis of the client’s function, in what occupations do you feel the client will demonstrate a deficit in occupational performance? Support your answer with information regarding the joint movements and muscles affected as well as other observations that you made.
Practice these AROM joint measurements on a friend, family member, or coworker. Record the results for bilateral upper extremities. Does this individual demonstrate any deficits compared to the normative values?



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